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Re-feed week 2!!


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Well lost another 1Lb this week, which has now taken me into the 8stones (8st 13.5lb). I'm now getting used to the old eating lark again, and I'm very surprised at how strong my will power has now become where food is concerned. I've been on Mother and Baby placement this week (part of my Nurse training), and as you can imagine there are chocolates being handed out all the time to the midwives/nurses. Not a single one has passed my lips,, yay me!! Last night I was on a late and a chippy order was phoned through, I sat there with my chicken salad, and enjoyed every mouthful, I felt fine while chips and curry were being shoveled in the others faces, I felt even better about half hour later when they all had tummy ache, and felt like crap. So the grass isn't always greener, they all thought my salad was unappetizing and not enough to fill a gnat, but I was the one who didn't have gut ache and still felt fresh as a daisy.
To be perfectly honest I haven't craved any of the foods that got me into the mess I was in, so all in all this diet has really done it's job, so to all you newbies, half-way-throughers and nearly theres, keep going, cos in the end you will all be winners.

big hugs xx
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S: 15st8lb
that is so cool,
did you ever think you would be in the 8 s wow thas amazin,think i was 4 years old the last time i was that haha.so happy for you fi,

off the subject altogether now,did u hear about this ball,they are tryin to organise id say it would be great craic?
Well done Fifi mi little pixie, your doing fantastic pet, well done! xxxx


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well done
keep it up and dont give in to temptation


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That is great news! It is great to hear that the cravings are gone. That has been my concern.....will I just crave them all when I go back to food. Gosh only 5.5lbs to go that is really fab. Well done you!


Says it as it is!!!
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Well done hunni .... you are a star xxx


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Woohoo well done you Fi. Stick at it hun xxx
S: 12st8lb G: 9st0lb
Well done thats great!!! :) Its such a nice feeling being in control isnt it. You're doing really well. Good luck in your training by the way! Which year are you in? you at Salford uni?? x
S: 12st8lb G: 9st0lb
Cool, I trained at Manchester uni, qualified last year and starting my post RN Midwifery training at Salford Uni in Nov. Cant wait! Enjoy the rest of ur training! 2nd, and 3rd year are alot better than the 1st!! Everything makes more sense! x


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It's all very scary though, I've been on Mother and Baby placement this week, got to cuddle loads of babies. Really embarrassed though; watching a forceps delivery, it got very hot and the sound of the reg doing the episiotomy made me go all funny, next thing after I'd told a member of staff about this, I was on the floor with my legs raised on a stool with a cold compress on my head; i didn't faint but wasn't far off. The thing was that noone was bothered, they say they see it quite often. Felt like a right plank lol
S: 12st8lb G: 9st0lb
Hehe that will be me soon!! I will probably pass out though! Dont worry about it though, once you get used to it it will be fine! I nearly passed out while watching a male catheterisation and now I do them all the time!! I think its just getting use to seeing it. Plus it doesnt help when its hot! x


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I don't want to sound awful now, but I've had 3 babies, 1 was a section and the other 2 I popped out by myself. Some of the women have been really mard, I can remember my midwife when I was having my 3rd saying to my OH ' isn't she a cool cookie'. I suppose were all different and I don't like to make a fuss, unlike others.
I'm quite disgusted with myself, I shouldn't be so judgmental. Ah well never mind.
S: 12st8lb G: 9st0lb
We all judge its only human! hehe. Everyone's experiences are different and I think the pain is totally different too - and the way people can take pain! Its hard to imagine it any different to your own experience though isnt it! Its like I had a woman in treatment room the other day, she had cut her thumb and wouldnt let me dress it without shouting out in pain! Once I went to take a man's BM (he was only young) and cried out in pain before I even touched him! But then ive seen people in A&E react less when they have been in a RTA with broken bones! Pain is a very strange thing x


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S: 15st7.5lb C: 12st7.5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.2 Loss: 3st0lb(19.31%)
Well done on your loss and getting into the 8s, I dont think I will ever see a size 8, have neer been that small in my life.
Anyway quick q for ya, howcome you are doing 2 weeks of refeed? Reason Im asking is Im coming off tfr on 20th this mth to do 1wk refeed before my hols, hoping to have 1-2 shakes on hols and low fat dinner, then when I come back Ive 2ks before I have a hens weekend (which I want to eat and drink at) so should I do refeed for those 2 wks dya think?

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