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RE-FOCUS. Lose at least 8lb during November!

I need to up my game somewhat. 23 pounds of my regain are gone, thankfully. I now need to knuckle-down and deal with the remaining 17 pounds.

I am therefore committing publicly to losing another 8lb, at least, during November. I will do my best to make this happen! It's not a huge amount but enough to make a real difference on hips, tums and maybe even dress size. I think it is especially important to keep targets realistic and do-able on Atkins, or people may simply lose heart. Christmas is coming! A great motivator.

Come on. Let's get busy x
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Good luck! I would love to lose 8lbs this month!
Good luck girly! I'd love to lose 8lb in Nov! :)
me too!! i really hope i do coz then id be 10 and half stone and over the moon!
Good Luck - I will join you if thats ok - having just gained 2lbs :(


This is for life
Good idea girly - think im 2 lbs up on posted after half term so need to lose to lose that and a few more before all the parties kick in.......!

2lb gone as of yesterday. A very encouraging start.

I've been doing Atkins for years now so I don't expect fast losses but I have found that being extra strict with portions etc really does help. Also - not necessary for everyone but it helps me - a careful watch on calories. Usually I wouldn't worry too much about this but when you are trying to lose (particularly regained weight) to a target date it can make all the difference.

The official Atkins Community site advises that, if you are following the rules to the letter, and yet stalling or losing very very slowly, it may be time to 'get real' (direct quote!) on calories. Not to the extent that you are trying to do a VLCD on Atkins food - that would be counter productive, but rather to the extent that you keep portions moderate and carefully restrict higher calorie stuff such as cream, cheese, nuts, fatty meat etc.

Men don't usually have to bother about calorie content at all, but women all too often do. The Atkins Community advises a minimum of 1800 calories per day for women but, if the woman is on the smaller side height-wise, OR she has trouble losing at that amount, she can drop calories to 1400 for a time (BUT NO LESS!). Remember that Atkins is also trying to protect the metabolism at all times. We don't want a suppressed metabolic rate to add to our other difficulties!

Good luck everyone and keep at it. It's worth it. I felt awful as I was regaining and at the same time I also felt almost powerless to really truly deal with it. Grief and worry make you a bit crazy, I think. With time you get back to yourself, and you can tackle the gains for real.
Well done girly!!! You're definitely on track :) x

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