Re-offender back for more


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Not sure if anyone remembers me, but I did this diet a couple of years ago and had great success. Sadly I failed on the keeping it off part, so here I am once again, raring to go!!!

I started this morning and so far so good... although I have been home ill all day and slept most of it, which kept me away from the fridge :rolleyes: Still it's a day closer to being thinner.

Can't wait for next Monday's weigh in, bring it on :D
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Hi i was on this in 2009 and am currently in my 2nd week!, i have put the weight back on too serves me right for being all cocky when i lost but my plan is too loose the bulk then join SW for the rest fingers crossed!!, well done for rejoining hunny we know its works !! lol x


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Hi... I was on this in 2008 & am planning on starting again in the morning as I'm piling it all back on big style....Good luck with your restart!!! I so hope I can get through the next few days as I know its the first 3-4 days that are the hardest!! fingers crossed for us both!!! x


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Hi Lou, Yumyum and CAZ72, I'm a returner too from 2008. Determined to shift this fat; we can do it!

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Good luck all on your restart. It is not easy to keep off the weight so no shame in having to do a stint on TFR again. You all know the drill. Keep very busy the first week until ketosis kicks in. Keep up your water intake to keep hydrated. Keep strong!


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S: 15st1lb C: 14st8lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35 Loss: 0st7lb(3.32%)
Thanks everyone. We can do it again, I know we can :D

That's day two almost done and dusted. I think some early nights will be in order this week to stop me from getting those evening food cravings :giggle:

I'm actually really excited as I know how quickly I dropped dress sizes last time and the sooner i can get back in to all those smaller clothes the better.


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Good luck everyone, another restarter here at the end of week 1.

It was definitely much harder to restart than the first time but getting better day by day. One advantage is the will power as I know it works :)