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Re-starting Lipotrim TFR, and have a related question

(apologies to anyone that has already read this - I have posted it in this forum section as well as the maintenance section!)

I am re-starting Lipotrim tomorrow after using it a few years back, and for the past two days have used some of the sample Maintenance sachets as TFR whilst I am waiting for my appointment with the Pharmacist.

My question is - has anyone ever used the Lipotrim Maintenance sachets as a direct replacement for the Pharmacy-issued sachets? I have a few maintenance samples that I am using until I get to my pharmacy (they got the dates wrong, and the Lipotrim pharmacist isn't in until tomorrow!), but I was thinking that if the maintenance drinks worked in the same way, it would be easier for me to order them than to attend the pharmacy each week, given that I am split between the Midlands and the South West.

I'm not worried about needing to be supervised during TFR, as I've been on Lipotrim before a number of years ago, and did really well on it...well, until I put the weight back on this year thanks to a long bout of depression and comfort eating! :(

Thanks also to the ladies that suggested looking at Exante; I am reading up on it now, but will keep my appointment with Lipotrim tomorrow, and see what is cheaper. From the outset, I remember Lipotrim being £36 per week, and to order my preferred selection of soups/shakes from Exante, it comes to rather more than that. Has the Lipotrim price changed at all?

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Ooh I must have a bargain I pay £33. Don't tell my chemist!


No longer "Overweight" !
My question is - has anyone ever used the Lipotrim Maintenance sachets as a direct replacement for the Pharmacy-issued sachets? ... I was thinking that if the maintenance drinks worked in the same way, it would be easier for me to order them than to attend the pharmacy each week, given that I am split between the Midlands and the South West.
Hi Jenova, welcome to the forums!

I'm afraid the LT Maintenance is a very different formula to their TFR (total food replacement) products. They are designed to work alongside eating regular food. This is a bit of info off the LT website:

"Under the programme, you can use a low-calorie formula from the Lipotrim Maintenance range in conjunction with your normal 'healthy' low fat meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The Lipotrim Maintenance products are nutritious, low-calorie foods with a special high soluble fibre content, and are designed to help make you feel satisfied faster, so you eat lighter meals. They also help reduce your cravings for unnecessary food so you are far less likely to 'snack' between meal times. The Lipotrim Maintenance foods do this by slowing the absorption of sugars therefore lowering the glycaemic index (the rate of increase in blood sugar levels and trigger for insulin)."

So they don't have the same effect of getting you into ketosis and fat-burning...

Exante, however is the same principle as the TFR products, though in slightly different flavours. If it's a problem for you getting to the pharmacist, I'd definitely recommend looking seriously at them.

I considered switching to Exante after I'd had a holiday break, so I did the sums - Exante was going to be a bit more expensive for a short period, because I would have wanted to try their small selection pack first, and the postage bumped the price up... Since I was only looking at needing another 6 weeks (hopefully!) and my pharmacy is only a couple of miles away, I thought I'd just stick with LT.

I think if you know you're going to be doing it for more than a couple of months (and can buy in bulk) then the price comes down to be a bit more equal. Also, if you're a long way away, consider what you'd have to spend on travel costs too!

Best of luck with whatever you decide,
Marianne x
Thanks Marianne! That's just the info I was after - I couldn't work out if the contents of the maintenance formulas would kick you into ketosis like the pharmacy formula. :)

I shall stick to going to my local pharmacy for now, and if I find that I am not in the Midlands at the right time, I will have to switch to Exante. My nearest pharmacy only has the Lipotrim pharmacist in on Thursdays, so it's not like I can change the day I visit like I could when I was on it last time, as at that pharmacy the owner was also the LT specialist! The other option may be to see if I can be registered with two places (one in the Midlands and one in the South West) and just visit the one I need to each week.

I'll see how it pans out, but I am very much looking forward to the next couple of months and getting some of this weight off!

Thanks again to everyone! (think my last post got moderated?) The Slim and Save site looks brilliant, and I may switch to that if getting to the pharmacy is awkward - also a bit cheaper! :D
I think the big difference between lipotrim TFR and maintenance products is TFR puts you into ketosis to stop you feeling hungry and burns fat. The maintenance products won't stop hunger (correct me if I'm wrong) which means you could be more likely to break the diet if you're anything like me! Let us know how you get on.

I have also looked into exante, much more flavours and options! Xx
I pay £36 too :-( But £3 isn't the end of the world I guess. Xx
Hi honey, I sorted your moderated post out for you, don't know why that happened.

There is also Avidlite, who sell the dietimeals, but if you buy the shakes/soups/bars, make sure they are the ones marked MRP as these are the only ones that will do the same as all the other TFR products. You can mix and match in boxes of 7 as well, and it works out quite a bit cheaper, especially if you order enough to get the discount.
Eclipse when you say do the same as other TFR products, do you mean that those products will put you in ketosis and burn fat? Sorry if I'm being really thick! Ketosis is like my security blanket lol. Xxx
Well, I've just come back from the pharmacy - he tried to charge me £40 until I loudly said: "I've got friends on the internet who only pay £36! I'm not paying £40!"... then he phoned Lipotrim directly and found out that he'd been overcharging all the female members, and undercharging all the male members!

He's adjusted his prices now, and I have you guys to thank for that! ;)

Having seen how much cheaper S&S is for doing exactly the same thing, I wonder how long I should leave it before politely bowing out of LT - I don't want to offend the pharmacist! He knows that I am half-and-half between the Midlands and the South West and am only here this week as my work contract has finished, so maybe I can tell a white lie in a couple of weeks that I'm not going to be in the Midlands on the days he is in, and that I'm going to be looking at going to another pharmacy?

I worry too much - I should be concentrating on this diet!!
£36 is good girls, we pay €63 in Ireland, thats over 20euro more taking in the coversion rate. Has anyone tried the shakes from that slim and save site? Are they actually the same as LT? P.S, yes I am back on LT after being away for quite a while, mananged to maintain for about a year and a half but illness struck and with meds and hospitals etc I have put on 1.5stones, nothing major but I want it gone. This site was invaluable to me when I did LT before, great to be back !! x
I pay £36 too

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