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Original Ready for quitting!!

G: 11st0lb
I cant do this anymore im totally down! I have been doing a fishy week with fish twice a day, not went over on syns and been trting so hard with lots speed foods and iv gained two pounds!!

Feeling so upset as it just doesnt seem to want to budge i give c a timesheet every week and there she always says there really good! Just drink water during week and at wends allow myself some diet juice and take water! No idea where im goin wrong this has been a really bad month for me with two half pounds a maintain then lost 1 1/2 and now gained its soooo depressing!!! Totally feel like quitting :(
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Hey i have a left a message for you on fishy week x dont worry you have done well so far and you never know you might have a good loss next week as the weight gain might just be fluid xx
S: 18st6lb C: 15st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35 Loss: 2st13lb(15.89%)
What will you do if you quit? :confused:

If you enjoy the food then I would suggest sticking with the plan. Have you ever tried EE or green? I have stayed the same for a fortnioght so am trying a speedy green week to shake things up and am optimistic. Good luck.
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You've probably heard this before, but sometimes it takes a while for the body to 'catch up' with realising how good you've been! In other words that big loss is just around the corner. You'll not know if this is true unless you stick with it ??!!?? Soooooooooo dont quit now :)


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Hi hun, sorry your feeling down. I know there's nothing worse than feeling your giving it your all and not seeing results on the scales.

All I can suggest is what has already been said. Mix it up a bit more i.e green/EE. I do alternate red and green days and this has worked really well for me. Maybe worth a try! :)
G: 11st0lb
I did a week of EE last week so thinking trying mostly red and green this week! Just so disheartened as i had been so good with lots of fish as its supposed to speed it up a bit :( no idea how iv gained iv left a food diary with C so she going to let me know what iv done wrong but each time she sees it, its normally good :(
So lost!!!
Iv also been drinking at least a litre of water at work, water in morning, then for any times i have a drink its water so plenty water!!
Anyone any ideas for red day meals?


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Please don't give up! I know how hard it is but you just have to keep ploughing on ahead, try and take stock of how well you have done so far and realise how much better you feel for the weight loss - yes you haven't had a good few weeks but at least you are doing all the right things; think how utterly awful you will feel if it all goes back on again. Find that inner strength and just keep on going - get a notepad out and really go through this site for yummy red day ideas to inspire you and please just keep on pushing up that hill, you will get your reward eventually.
G: 11st0lb
Thanks for the replys :)
Its just that i see lots people in class lose like a stone in a few weeks and here i am nearly three months on with just 9 1/2 pounds :(
Im determined to get a stone by xmas and maintain and lose the other stone in new year!!
Thanks so much for all your replys i just been feeling so down as i know how hard it is for me to lose weight so when i put on it gets to me as its more to lose esp when i been so good!!


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I've been doing SW since end July and have lost just under a stone but I'm quite happy with that because I flexisyn every weekend! I know I didn't need to lose a lot of weight but I've lost what I wanted to and now am trying to maintain!


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