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Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Mrs JJ, 1 May 2014.

  1. Mrs JJ

    Mrs JJ Well-Known Member

    Am joining sw on Tuesday, haven't told hubby yet hope he doesn't go mental, I have tried and almost got there then gave up with so many different plans, every day I feel like a failure if I don't do 1 day without over eating or drinking. I'm not a failure I just wasn't ready......
    With help from my counsellor I recognise that now and feel ready to make baby steps to finding the real me, the one I already like and want to show the world

    Where as before I never felt good enough to show the world who I am,I now know I am and the world had better watch out :)

    I think lol lol xxxxx
  2. cazdav22355

    cazdav22355 Well-Known Member

    Good luck with joining sw - I rejoined just over 2 weeks ago and am really enjoying the journey

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