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real life

S: 13st12lb G: 9st5lb
Hi i have just completed my 2nd week on WW, but i am really struggling to get the plan to fit in with real everyday life.

I speak to others who are on it and they do things like have cereal in the evening as their dinner, or eat ready meals etc....

I cant afford ready meals and would find it hard to sit and eat cereal while the family are tucking into a nice cooked meal x

I will give it a bit longer and try to sort out some meal plans that will suit us all, hopefully I can get it to work for me.
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Hi redmel,

I'm sorry that you're struggling to get WW to fit in with everyday life.

I'm just entering my 2nd week & so far have found it easy.
I don't buy the ready meals but make virtually everything from scratch, however i do plan my meals weekly so that i can shop accordingly to avoid overspending.

I travel within the UK & worldwide with my job & so far have managed OK with a little bit of planning.

I'm eating 'proper' meals & have breakfast etc. I've eaten out too.

Give it a few more weeks hun.

The recipes are great (I have the monthly pass) online. If you can afford to (& haven't already) invest in the monthly pass - its been invaluable to me. :) x
S: 13st12lb G: 9st5lb

Great to hear from someone who does cook from scratch. I am an online member and have been looking through the recipes, I suppose the hardest bit is because I have to cook for 6 and we all have varying sized portions lol so I struggle to work out how much of the whole dish i have had? Also I sometimes forget to weigh an ingredient and then have no idea of the points value haha x

I will give it a bit longer xx

sarah-louise x

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aw sorry your finding things hard with WW, sometimes something new can be difficult to adjust to, then all of a sudden it just clicks.

i have always cooked from scratch when i did WW before and i found it really helpful and cost effective to bulk cook and freeze meals in foil containers, then write on the lids whats in there, points value ect. my favs to cook and freeze are spag bol, shepherds pie, casseroles, lasagne, chilli con carne, curries, quiches, pasta dishes.....there is loads. that way, your always prepared. its a long hard day of cooking to get them, but ul be so pleased once u have!!! to help with the points value, just write down everything u put in, add it all up and divide it between your container numbers to get your value. u get good size portions for aprox 5-7 points each, u can even bulk out with veg. i tend to halve the bulk batch, divide one half into partners size portions and the other half into my size portions. its definately worth a thought. good luck :)


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S: 18st13lb C: 15st5lb G: 8st11lb Loss: 3st8lb(18.87%)
I should've added that I cook bulk size amounts as sarah-louise does & then freeze them in individual portion sizes.

It is hard work to start with but in the long run so time efficient.

I'm lucky in the fact that there's only myself & the OH but this way would still work for a family of 6.

Good luck. :)
S: 13st12lb G: 9st5lb

I did used to batch cook, I suppose I need to get my bum in gear to do it again.... Last time i did it there was only me and dh haha x


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Do you use the recipe builder online? If you put all your ingredients into that it will work out how many total points and how many per serving. If say the recipe serves 6, you can eyeball one sixth of the dish and serve it to yourself and then you know what you have. Then the rest of it gets divided up however you want. Just dish up your plate first.


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There's 5 of us, I cook from scratch as I have a family to feed. Getting into the habit of pointing it before you cook, so taking the time to meal plan the night before can help. If you're anything like me after school is quite chaotic, knowing how many points are in the meal works well and for stuff like pasta, rice, potatoes (other than baked), couscous I point it when it's cooked. I have my plate on the scales ready when it comes to dishing it out and fill it up with free veggies.

What things do you normally eat, as all I'm doing is adapting my normal recipes to WW friendly rather than trying to completely rewrite them. Tonight I'm going to do baked camembert pasta, I've pointed it at 12 for a portion, I'll weigh out my pasta when cooked, then add the measured amounts of cheese served with a big green salad. The rest will be all mixed in together as per usual to serve to the rest of the family. For jacket spuds, I put the one I'd weighed on a separate tray, weighed out my cheese in a bowl after I'd grated the lot for the family, then tipped it in when ready.

Are your scales out on the worktop? Leaving them out so they're handy helps me.
S: 13st12lb G: 9st5lb
I tried an experiment tonight...I made a huge vat of chilli got 8 adult portions out of it at 4pts each...assuming i pointed it all correctly. So just need to point wedges/rice/cous cous or baked spud when serving.


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Definately keep persevering it will be worth it. For me WW PP has been the best plan to fit in with family life.
I also cook for my family, I use the receipe builder then divide by the number of portions it serves and then what I had.
Maybe have a look at some food diaries to get an idea, you'll see from mine I have brekkie, lunch & dinner ( although my allowance is higher at 37 pp )
Wishing you loads of luck
S: 13st12lb G: 9st5lb
Thats a good idea loopeylou I will pop in the food diaries later or tomorrow. I get the basic 29pts so coild do with some ideas xx


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if its any help, i cook the same for everyone but do mine in a seperate saucepan/small roaster dish so that I can weigh everything as I fling it in. It gives me peace of mind with only 1 extra pan (or 2) to wash and my kids are none the wiser to me eating anything different to them. xx

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