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Really dissapointed :(

Ever since starting atkins last a tuesday, i lost from tuesday to saturday a pound a day, since saturday nothing ? Weighed today and i have gained a pound? :confused::cry:

Since doing this diet, i have hardly eaten, Average day has been 2 eggs (scrambled), 2 lidle low carb sausages (1 carb each), 2 slices of bacon (sometimes) Mince, steak and lettuce or green beans, mushrooms.. And 1 atkins bar (3 carbs) .. And i lost a pound every day last week..

I am also getting through nearly 3 litres of water a day, plus my 2 cup of coffee with duble cream in... ?

I am well in ketosis :confused:

I don't get it ?

I know it will hopefully even itself out, but i am scared i will gain again, or not lose no more :(.... It would force me to start back on a liquid diet such as CD or LT again :cry: (which is to expensive)

help please ?
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I don't know how much you expect to lose, but the norm (and recommended) is 2lb per week. Of course at first there is usually a fair old loss as a starter, but if it carried on that way, and everyone lost half a stone a week, nobody would be fat!

Weigh once a week, and don't expect more than 2lb, but consider if a bonus if you do lose more!

Good luck!
Spot on TT

Amethyst, after the first couple of weeks of big losses I had a stall for one week, on Atkins we call this PISS (Post Induction Stall Syndrome) then I lost a regular 2lb a week with the occasional 3lb for 4 years.

Take a very close look at what your eating, check there is no carb creep and read my sticky at the top of the thread love.
Stop weighing yourself everyday its so disheartening and not accurate as your body is different every day, instead of weighing everyday weigh once a week and always measure yourself, that day too, first thing, neck, chest bicep, waist, hip, thigh calf, and watch those inches go ! its way more insprireing than lbs.
There is a website called extra pounds . com where you can have a free account and store your weight and body measurements every week and it will show you graphs of your loss, honestly its so much better for your moral to measure body loss than weight, :)
Don't get disheartened and give up- you're doing the right thing and your results are as expected (its all in the book).

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