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really dying for a pack of cheese n onion crisps right now :(

ihave them everyday.. normally i go and have a shower, bath or just do somethink that takes my mind off things.. however it does not always work but i do try cos i know how much i want to be thin
it is madness the things i am really missing is foods that i didnt eat much like peppers , was a ceasar salad the other day now crisps .. n when i smell ppl making toast in work makes me go all weak lol

when someone is just eating a sandwhich i smell the bread xx lol
pizza for me too.
its my most favoutite food in the whole wide world.
i'd have it every day if i could. my OH and me even have
joke that out wedding cake is going to be layers of
pizza. I WISH.
i miss pizza so much.
but when i've lost the weight i can have a pizza.!


Strong women stay slim
just think of those foods guys covered in MAGOTS , now how good do they seem ? lol
I crave jacket potatoes - I even smell them when they are not there lol


This will be my year
Salt n vinegar kettle chips and Branston pickle, oooh and gherkins :eek: Time for all of them when I'm slim, though I probably won't fancy them then LOL!



hoping for a good loss
Ooooh, food porn thread!!!!!!

I have a confession to make. I had a bit of a blip today. Have just finished 3 nights work and woke about 1pm and came down stairs for a drink and ended up eating some crisps :-(

Hope it doesn't mess up Fridays wi. I also crave savory high carb things a lot of the time. Is a pain isn't it lol
lol , what are we all like ... i love my food n miss it so much ... but as u all say we have plenty of time once the weight is off :)

Fed-up, think we all have wee blips hun im sure a few crisps wont harm your weigh in with everything we are giving up its only natural i suppose , im so missing my diet coke im actually sickened with water lol

I just went for a 10 min session of flabelos to take my mind off food lol any you girls tried it its great xx
I do have one of those horse riding machines. I am not convinced it's exercising anything though. I do stagger a bit when I get off, like a cowboy with my legs apart, but I always think that's because it's been shaking up the fluid in my inner ear.
the thing im talking about is a power plate you stand on and the vibrations get stronger n stronger vibrates thru full body. i felt it work anyway gonna do it for a mth and see how i go with it :) x
I crave things every day too. Its been bread and butter, pizza, gnocchi, steak pie, McDonalds meal and randomly sushi so far! I have a massive sweet tooth too, so these savoury cravings feel unusual!
Oh my god don't - hot sausage rolls! There are some in my fridge right now (OH's). I could take or leave pastry until I had to cook a butcher's steak pie on Saturday night and would have cut my arm of for a plate of that lovely crunchy and chewy pastry with gravy! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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