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Really gonna do it this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
It is now coming up to midnight on Thursday 2nd August.......I am gearing myself up to start SS yet again tomorrow...Went shopping for something to wear this eve as my clothes are starting to get rather tight :( and had to buy a bigger size :cry:was really peed off.:(

I have made myself a 100 day chart to stick on the fridge door and will tick off the days...

My incentive is going to be a all in trip to Prague for a TT..loads cheaper over there. :rolleyes:

I WILL do it this time...:).....:break_diet:
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Strong women stay slim
You sound just like me at the moment , that this time you will do it , yes i feel like this too , i started again yesterday as i've been on here seeing the weight loss of others saying that could of been me now as i joined in April , but broke off to many times i guess but i saw some pics of me taken over the weekend , i thought crist how did i get like that , thinking thats Not Me . Yesterday I DID It ! yeah .
So I take it TT is tummy tuck ? Prague , that will be nice too , i guess it will save you lots of money too . Yes i thought 100 days and then see what i have to lose . Will look out for you on here
hello guys, i too am very determined at the moment and i feel that this is the month i am going to do well. Due to holidays etc i am going it alone for a month, without seeing my cdc which isnt a huge problem really as i think i will be popping into boots to weigh everyweek. I am going to aim to loose at least a stone in this month..... Good luck to everyone :)


Wants to be a loser!
You are sooooooooo right - you CAN and you WILL do this!!!

I have been on CD for about 105 days now and for me they really have flown by - in that time I have lost about 55lb so you never know you might be at goal before those 100 days are up :eek:.

I hope your first day goes ok - don't forget :tear_drop: :tear_drop: :tear_drop: oh and more :tear_drop: :tear_drop:


Strong women stay slim
Bit like me going it alone for now , due to money , see how i go , i'm on day 2 and so far i dont feel hungry , but yesterday i really was hungry even my stomach was telling me hehe . So Sophie its all a matter of time now arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Well almost 2/3rds through day 1 and still doing ok..:)..just had my second shake.....drinking loads of water:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:. Have got to go into work later, will be there until 10pm. I might take a Tetra with me just in case I get the munchies :rolleyes:, got to better to have a 4th shake than raiding the 1p sweets.:confused:

Good lucl everyone with your day...:)


Strong women stay slim
Thank-you Maggie ..... Yes its a means to an end i guess . yes 2/3 of the day , yes when working late you need more , 1 penny sweets yum but have to pass for some months yet i guess cos it would only set me back . Hope you fight of the pennie sweets hehe
PML! When i read your thread i thought you meant you were going to treat yourself to a TT car! I really need to understand these codes better!! good luck hun x


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Here I am ready to start second day..:rolleyes:.Only had water so far :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:, I leave my first shake as late as poss. I will have one around 11am..working again this morning so will take Tetra and loads of water with me.:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:
Feeling more positive this time only hope I can stay that way, I have fallen off the wagon so many times lately that I'm covered in bruises, holding on tight this time.:D
Have a great day everyone, I will post later. Finding this helps as well, when on PC I'm not thinking of eating.:confused:


Strong women stay slim
You can do it , come here check out peoples post and to will move you on ! Day 3 for me


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Still getting through day 2....drunk lots of water:tear_drop::tear_drop: and I haved peed loads.:tear_drop::tear_drop:..still 1 more shake to have.
Although I have a stonking headache I still have managed to stick with it.:D
Hopeing that tomorrow I might get into Ketosis...and then headache will go and I will find it a bit easier.

Does anyone get affect by this heatwave we are having......I seem to only want to drink (which is good) don't think I could face a hot meal at all at the mo. :sigh: Certainly too hot to start cooking. Luckily Hubby is cooking his own dinner tonight which also helps. :D
Hope you are all doing well on this wagon now and hanging in there. :)


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Starting day 3...still feeling positive.:) Sun is shining..need to get into some summer clothes. Away at weekend and struggling to find things in wardrobe to fit. Hopefully by Sat I will have lost some more weight.:confused:

Hope each and all are having a fab day. :)

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