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Really naughty few days, back on wagon from now


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Oh where to start, dont know quite how it happened but i have been really naughty these past two days. I have eaten so much that i shouldnt have, well over my syns, and i dont even know why. Well actually, i had some good news and it was a big worry off my mind so i think i started celebrating and then decided that as i have felt so stressed, i would just treat myself. Anyway, my naughty time is up, not even enjoying the food im eating now, so am posting this here to make me get back on track and hoping it gives me a kick up the preverbial!!! does anyone else have days like this or is it just me xxx:8855:
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You wont have done much damage in two days, get back on track now and you will be just fine. Just forget about it and start fresh today. I have done this before so you are definitely not alone, well done on your loss so far, good luck:D


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ohhhhhhh i do! i never used to, the first 2-3 months i was 100% on plan all the time and i could never understand why/how people went off plan. but now reality has set in and i do go off on one every now and then!!! haha! but as long as you get back on the wagon and follow it again, you'll be totally fine. at the end of the day a few binges are just life, you just have to learn how to get over them and move forward :)


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I felt like this after my holidays, we arrived back on a Friday and it was wednesday before I got back on plan.

I just could not summon up the enthusiasm to start again. However I made myself and i'm now back in control after 2/3 weeks :D

Go for it, it can be done :D

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The best thing is to start afresh sooner rather than later, as 2 days can extend to over the weekend!



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S: 20st5lb C: 14st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 5st11lb(28.42%)
Thanks everyone, im feeling much more positive, i know i can get back on it, i think i just surprised myself by even coming off it! Onwards and upwards, gonna add a bit of exercise in this week too to give me a kick start, plus i have my house to decorate and move in to so that will burn a few calories, thanks again, hope you all have a great week too xxx


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You are definately NOT alone. I went off track big time from Tuesday this week. I gained 0.5lb at weight in which is no biggy right? Well that added to a particularly bad * week was a recipe for disaster. Started with a choccy bar then went on until Friday :( I new I had a friend coming over on Friday for a girlie night and had not seen her for a while so knew there would be lots of Vodka's on the cards. Silly mentalitly but I "would" have got straight back on track if I had not binged then had a girle night coming up. I am glad to say I have been on track since Saturday, am going to do a good gym session today then prepare myself for a gain on Monday - Like I said you're not alone, sometimes olf habits die hard and it just takes time and a few blips to reach your goal. Well done for being so honest and good luck for this coming week - I'll be with you 100% xxx
Just forget about it and move on!

It's natural to have some off days. Best thing to do is draw a line under it and move on. And if at next WI you have a small gain? It's not the end of the world because you will know why.

Just get back on track and keep smiling. You'll do great.

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