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Really not a good day at all


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I have found today the hardest so far, been sick, dizzy, in pain, tired, irritable and so very hungry.

I usually jump on the scales to talk myself out of cheating but at the mo the scales are showing heavier than when I started so that's no help.

I made a cheese butty before bit it then spat it out. That's how close I came to the end today but I managed to stop myself cheating. I'm in on my own tonight too which doesn't help cos I can hear the fridge calling my name.

I wont give in but not doing is driving me mad :cry:
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awww dont do it ull get a big loss by end of the week just stay strong hunny :D:D it does get easier i promise!!
i really feel for you ... well done on spitting the roll out ... if you had white fish or chicken maybe have a ss+ day for this evening to get you by,

drink lots of water maybe hot drinks your feel so good tomorrow when you don't go in
stay on here till bedtime and reads the stories of inspiration - KEEP AWAY FROM THE FRIDGE - and you dont want to get food all over your PC - it will be worth it I promise!!!!
well done for staying off the cheese sandwich.
It is hard at the beginning but u can do it!
Just shut your ears to those voices! have a bath, paint your nails etc....


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Hang in there hon.. Your doing great....... its hard, its a tough diet but its so so worth it when you see the results and start feeling great and confident.
Come on in here we will help you get through the night.. x


can see the end in sight!
aww stay on here and distract yourself! well done for stopping eating the cheese buttie (yuuuuum) that is temptation and a half!


Laugh, love, live!
omg how good are you for spitting the cheese buttie out, wow I am well impressed with that! Stick with it hon, don't give in to temptation it'll all be worth it in the end (and to be honest, being a little mad helps!!) xx

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