Really really spooked out!


The Diet Guy
Well I am here on my own for a few days as Jo has taken the kids to see their grandparents.

I am standing in the lounge counting how many cheques I had left in my cheque book.

I suddenly got a weird feeling that the light above me was going to drop!

I stepped to one side and it fell off the ceiling and smashed into a million pieces.

That has been up there for 7 years!!

So firstly how the hell did I sense it!!

And secondly which one of you buggers loosened the screws :confused:

Seriously freaky though!! I seemed to know it was going to happen!! I am well spooked out!!!!
Blimey - you sure you haven't been spending too much time with Richard? LMTO!

Seriously tho - glad you weren't hurt.
I keep telling myself I heard it so I don't think it is freaky!!

Made a right bloody mess though and they are matching so going to have to get 2 new light fittings now and before Jo gets back otherwise she will think I did it with my spud gun! (don't ask!)


Well, I do pray for all my team every morning and the members of MiniMins.

I am just glad your okay and no harm done.

Love Mini xxx
Wow! We have entered the twiglet zone .... :eek:

Glad you're OK Mike - I believe in guardian angels: yours were hot to trot tonight!

Debbie x
CD Counsellor said:
or that you have been swinging from the chandeliers again:rolleyes:

Yeah....that sounds more like it Mike! Remember it's not us you have to convince of your story it's Jo!! :D
Blimey...someone was looking out for you tonight:eek:

You can really say you've seen the light now :)
OOH Laura - I really love your signature!! I'd love one like that - with my name, obviously, *cough* lol - where did you get it from?