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Really really upset!


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Hey Swty,
Sorry to hear thAt...have u tried measuring urslf? U may have lost inches? Do ur clotthes feel lose?
Dont give up & get out of ketosis. It will be longer & harder to get back in. it could be just a one off it happens.


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Please don't eat honey... think how it will feel if you get up the next day and find that 3lb has turned into 5lb! You will feel 10 times worse and you have come way too far to give up now!

The weight really HAS to go, there is no other option on this diet as long as you follow it. Some days our bodies do random strangeness like decide to hold onto water, or refuse to let go of the fat for whatever reason, but scientifically there is just no way that you can gain fat weight whilst on the diet. The weight you are putting on is NOT fat, it could be water, could be clogged up bowels, an injury/muscle strain of some kind (causing inflammation in your tissues which also causes water weight-gain) could be anything at all but i can guarantee you that it is not fat weight, which is what really counts here.

Remember that no matter what the scales are saying, you ARE losing and burning fat and you are doing this every single day. Hang in there and that 3lb will drop off, i'd bet within the next 2 days at most, then some more on top.
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The bodys weight naturally fluctuates, don't get disheartened, I have had it appear then go just as quick, dont give up xx
this is why i do not scale hop everyday...i know some of us feel the need to do it..but this is exactly why i dont....its fluid huni and nothing more...you know you have been 100% so defo not a "real" weight gain xxx


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S: 18st0lb C: 12st7lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 31 Loss: 5st7lb(30.56%)
I know I shouldn't but I was in tears! I reweighed twice to make sure and the wii fit says the same!


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Don't eat. You've done great so far and and raiding the fridge is going to make things even worse.

Think how happy it would make that evil friend of yours if she knew how upset you got and how you dealt with it. I know that would stop me lol.

Sometimes scales cans show this and the suggestions you have had re why a gain may show are excellent.

Brush it off, stay determined, keep going xxx
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It's impossible that it's a fat gain if you have been 100% TS. Like Valentine said, maybe you're just retaining a lot of fluid. Keep your chin up, you've done so well!


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I always wait at least 30 mins before I weigh myself in the morning. I noticed that if I weigh straight away, my scales tell me that I'm 1 or 2 lb heavier than if wait a little bit. I have very accurate scales, so I'm really not sure what causes it.

As others have said, take no notice of the scales. There will be an answer for it, but there are a number of possibilities. It seems everyone goes through this, where the scales don't move (or even go the wrong way) but it's always temporary and will sort itself out if you stick to the plan. If you have been 100%, then there really is nothing to worry or be upset about.



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I think scales are generally unhelpful; nothing seems to send people off course more frequently that apparent weight gain - except of course for ketostixs! When you have followed the rules you want affirmation from the scales asap! I found I could vary by as much as 8 pounds by moving the scales around the bathroom, I even tried putting the scales on the bread board for stability - but the bottom line is - any weight gain puts you off quicker than everything.
The body does not always follow the rules, especially on a day by day basis. As others have said there are a number of reasons - mainly fluid fluctuation and bowels. It is amazing how much weight this can account for. Exercise builds muscle too which weighs more than fat.
Try to hold on - it does work, in fact it cannot not work - and it will show on the scales, put them away, try not to weigh and it will all work out - promise!



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Put the scales away! You cant possibly have put that weight on in real terms, scale hopping is THE most unhealthy habit on a vlcd. There are very few people who can do it and disregard the results. And I think you know after this that youre not one of them missus.

Seriously pick your official weigh day and stay of the damn things til then x

Totally agree with the above! Weighing daily although can give a boost at times can also be an evil bugger!

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