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Really weak bladder so finding it ard to drink a lot


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Yep, I know exactly where you are coming form here. I can't take a lot of fluid at all, and when I am absolutely desperate for the loo, I think I only pass about a quarter of the amount the average person does. In all honesty, whilst doing this diet, I just drink what I feel I need to. I never worry about the quantity. So long as I'm peeing regularly, and it's almost clear - so I know I'm well hydrated - and I'm not thirsty, or getting headaches, etc. I just don't worry. We are all individual and the blanket statement of X amount of water isn't going to work for everyone, and I take it more as a guideline and then adapt it to suit me. You are the best judge of how your body is working and if you're comfortable you'll be ok. It's not good for you to be peeing 20 times a night!
It Is awful I have bladder probs. Once you get to burning fat it will become less frequent It's just the body expelling the water you have stored whilst eating carbs. Try taking calms before bed might relax you and aid your sleep :) !

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Have the same problem, i havent had a full nights sleep since i started! I am so bored of peeing! And its so cold at the moment, getting out of my warm bed, argh its driving me mad. X x

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Dont panic. Your bladder should get used to the increased water intake after a few weeks. Do not skimp on water as it is vital for your health. 60% of the water our bodies require comes from our food. As we do not eat on TFR then it is vital to get the necessary hydration by drinking at least 2.5 litres a day.

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