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red days


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ok, i think i might be being a bit thick, but can you help me?!

i am doing Red days this week, so does that mean i can't have rice/pasta/potatoes etc at all? or can i have some as HeB's etc?

anyone got any favourite Red Day recipes theyd like to share?
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hey honey - check out my food diary for some ideas, LOADS of red day ideas as I mainly do those.


Basically on a Red day - the only carby/starchy HEB you can have are 35g of dry wholemeal pasta/spaghetti and approx 200g of Raw potatoes. But you can have 2 a day, so if you dont use one on cereals, you could potentially have 2 on carbs/starch!

I love a good steak (fat trimmed natch!!!) and SW chips with bacon and cheese on top!!! delish! and totally free if you use HEA and HEB on the chips and cheese!



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Hey WL, I've been doing quite a few red days over the past couple of weeks and have really been getting into them! I'm finding I'm eating a lot more veg as a result as filling up the plate/bulking up recipes with superfree!! You can indeed have potato and pasta as a HEXb, and also pulses! You can have 100g cooked weight/35g dry weight WHOLEMEAL pasta, 227g baking potato with skin (raw weight), 198g new potatoes with skin, 198g parsnip, 113g green or brown lentils (cooked weight), 142g garden peas, 113g tinned peas, 113g red kidney beans, 142g mung beans, 113g haricot beans, 113g chickpeas, 100g cannellini beans, 113g butter beans, 255g broad beans, 100g black eye beans, 142g baked beans in tom sauce, 100g aduki beans!! (I'd forgotten how many beans are out there in beanland!!) Hope this helps!! Unfortunately you have to syn rice, even wholegrain!! On red days I love chicken salad (just had it for lunch with roasted butternut squash). In the evenings I've been getting into just having a nice fillet of fish eg. tuna steak, salmon fillet or fresh mackerel fillet with lots of steamed veg and sometimes a small jacket potato (as HEXb), cottage pie with carrot/swede/BNS topping, or homemade meatballs in tomato sauce with just loads of veg!! It's a real treat having 2 of each HEXs!! I like Ryvitas or other HEXb crispbreads with Laughing Cow cheese and smoked salmon with lots of black pepper...Mmmm!X


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thanks girls.

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I tend to use my HeB's for cereal in the morning and a Hifi bar in the evening. As I eat a load of free veg and fruit when Im on a Red Day, I dont feel the need to have starch or more carbs.

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