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Redbush Tea


Queen of the Damned
I've had it before with no ill effects - I believe it is naturally decaffeinated, and can be quite refreshing. Not sure if Redbush is the one that's a diuretic though....
Ah now - last year, I used to drink gallons of it -cos it's lush - and one CDC told me that I shouldn't be having it and loads of others vlcd-ers told me that it had never knocked them out of ketosis. So as it's made from the leaf (but they are needle-shaped leaves), so long as it's the original and not blended with anything, it should be fine in moderation.

I don't think it's a diuretic - just a healthy drink that they've used in SA for donkeys' years!



Queen of the Damned
Thanks ACAC :)


Loves VLCD's !
I am sure it is a leaf tea and its ok. Never affected my weight loss that I know of. Its about the only tea I can bear to drink black too so its a bit of a life-saver :D


Queen of the Damned
I had a vanilla flavour once - the smell was heavenly, and was really refreshing :D
I love it, it's the only tea I really drink now as I didn't want to go back to "normal" tea after CDing.

I drank it whilst SSing and was fine, and I get knocked out of ketosis really easily, so I'm sure you'll be ok.

If you're unsure test for ketosis and you'll know whether you're ok or not, but I thought it was a leaf tea and therefore fine to drink.

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