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refeed diary

so i decided to start refeed today, went to the chemist and the pharmacist wasn't there:mad: and the woman had no idea what she was doing, she insisted on giving me maintence formulas but i managed to persuade her to give me the standard lipotrim as i know other people used these and wanted to stick to what i knew.
hope i've done the right thing refeeding this week, only lost 2lbs and was really disheartened especially as i could lose this on ww, i also got my sister and grans birthday end of june and thats why i decided to refeed this week (even tho i have another 4lbs to lose for goal) so i'm in the habit of eating the right food and proportions and can get a good start and idea with the ww pro points plan, hopefully losing more weight ready for hols in august, anyway im rambling now and really should go buy my salad and veg :confused::)
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had my first meal today and it was gorgeous :D
day one
b- vanilla shake
l- choc shake
d- 4.5oz baked chicken with pepper and lemon
mixed lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and onion with balsamic vinegar

this is the first time in ages i've had a salad without loads of salad cream and really enjoyed it, i even had raw pepper, something i could hardly eat before, the onion was a bit strong which is unusual for me so only ate a bit of it :( think i just had a strong one
could feel myself gettin full towards the end so left a bit of chicken and salad, now got that feeling like its sitting there, i'm glad i went for the smaller chicken, would never have been able to eat anything more, looking forward to my tuna salad tomorrow :)
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day two
b- choc shake
l- tuna with lemon juice, mixed leaves, onion, peppers, cucumber and tomato, balsamic vinegar
d- just over 5oz chicken breast baked in foil with pepper and lemon juice, broccoli, green beans

drinks, water and black coffee.. never really liked milk only in tea, unsure about whether to have some as im fancying a cup of tea, might wait til tomorrow

well my tuna salad was delish and i finished it. Never thought i'd eat tuna without lashings of mayo :) but my dinner was even better. I was slightly worried about proportion size with the veg so cooked 3florets of broccoli and some green beans.
My chicken weighed slightly more than last night but cooked it anyway as it was stil within limits but again couldn't finish this evenings meal, left some chicken and green beans as i could feel myself getting full, wasn't going to force it as much as i was enjoying as thats the reason i put on loads of weight
i just hope that my salad and veg proportions are not too much, only had a small thin chinese container of salad today

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Back to reality!
Glad your enjoying it! Find it really hard to read your diary though because the writing is so pale! Did you ever find out about the philly?!
i've just changed my writing colour :)
yes its allowed from day 4 onwards
yes i am enjoying but nervous with every meal i have which i guess everyone feels

day 3
b- vanilla/coffee shake
l- tuna, mixed leaves, onion, tomatoes, cucumber, pepper and balsamic vinegar
d- just over 5oz chicken breast, just over under 7oz potato with low yoghurt and herbs, broccoli and green beans

the lunch was lovely as usual but looking forward to a sandwich tomorro :D
was really weary of having a potato especially as i've been struggling to finish my evening meals, my chicken was a tiny bit larger than last night not much tho and so decided not to go for the full 8oz potato, when weighed raw it was just under 7oz but cooked was just under 6oz so i'm guessing we're going on raw weight...

anyway was another lovely meal and finished all the chicken but couldn manage all the veg and potato aswel so left some, i'm glad really.

Just been shopping for some fruit, bread and mince for my spag bol and ended up spending £32 ontop of what i already bought thursday :( thought i'd brave the milk and bought some skimmed as im really craving a cup of tea, drinking it now and mmmm :)


Back to reality!
Yay I can read it much better!
You will find your taste and portions sizes will have drastically changed in your time on tfr. Just be sensible and go with what your body tells you and you will be fine!
thanks :) i just hope that having smaller portions of potato doesn't make a difference, they must just say 8oz as thats the maximum, thats what i'm guessing anyway, i'm not gona force food down me haha
im just a bit nervous incase i put on when i weigh, even though i know it won't be fat i'd still rather a loss

day 4
b- vanilla/coffee shake
l- 2slices ww wholemeal bread, 2 slices tesco light choices ham, small salad of lettuce, toms, onion & cucumber, couple of blueberries, 3chunks of melon (from a prepared packet) with mullerlight yogurt
snacks- banana before gym
d- after gym, just over 5oz chicken with philladelphia, 6small potatoes that weighed just over 6oz, 3baby corns, cauliflower, mange tout, carrots

didn't have much salad with my lunch and decided to have some yogurt and handful of fruit, also had a banana before the gym as i didn't want to go on a full stomach so had my dinner when i came back.
managed to eat the chicken and most of veg but left two potatoes

drinks- water, bit less than normal today but made up for it with cups of tea, il cut back on them tomorrow
well i hope i haven messed up today by having my evening meal so late, didn't finish work til 9 so had it at 9.30 :(

b- choc shake
l- 12.30ish pitta filled with tuna, celery, onion, carrott and lettuce with the left over on the side, blueberries and muller light yog
banana at about 4.30 as i wasn't having dinner til late
d- 5.3oz chicken, 3.5oz brown rice, broccoli, cauli, green beans topped with 1/4 jar ww tikka massala

again couldn finish all my evening meal as i was full but also because it was late i didn't want to eat to much aswel, really should have swapped my meals around but being blonde didn't think haha, back to normal tomorrow :)
day 6
b-vanilla/coffee shake
l- 2ww slices bread, 2slices tesco light ham, cucumber, onion
mullerlight yoghurt, banana and blueberries
d- spag bol

was unsure how much spag bol i was to have on my plate, i know its 4oz of cooked pasta and had that, but when measuring out the sauce and mince, cause it was packed full of pepper, onion, carrots, i didn't know how much to have so weighed out 6oz altogether (and 2spoonfulls whilst tastin oops) hope i haven had to much, its was scrummy too and finished it all :) i know what il be having tomorrow ;) x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Refeed looks to be going well for you. Glad you are enjoying the new taste of food.
Eat food slowly and don't worry about leaving some on the plate. It is a good habit to get.
thanks, im weighing everyday cause i'm so paranoid :( i know i shouldn be, think i've put on a 1lb but i know my water intake hasn't been excellent and i think i've overdone the skimmed milk so trying to pull back today

b- choc shake
l- wholemeal pitta with 2slices tesco light ham, tomato, cucumber, spring onion and lettuce
4strawberries (yummm) couple of blueberries and muller light yog
d- 5.5ozchicken with chinese 5spice, 4oz brown rice, mange tout, broccoli, 3baby corn and a tiny bit of cauli

well my chicken was gorgeous and i finished it all again tonight, guess my stomach is getting used to food now but my veg portions were smaller tonight as i just used all the leftovers of everything so maybe thats why, weigh in tomorrow :( and i think i've put on, im also really bloated, its been playing on my mind that i've put on weight but reading everyone elses and noticing they have to but lost it the week after is reassuring :D and i think its only a 1lb which im thinking is probably fluid, i hope


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You're menus are looking good.
I would think any gain would be water weight but it isnt uncommon for people to gain a few lbs during their refeed week.
ah thanks, im gettin such a good cook now haha

so last day of refeed today and weigh in and stayed the same
i was so relieved as i was positive i would of put on but joining weightwatchers as of tomorrow and hopefully can lose another half a stone, any more will be a bonus :)

b- choc shake
l- 2ww bread, 2slices ham, tomato and onion
mullerlight yoghurt with blueberries and strawberries

d- prawn/chicken/egg "fried rice"
4oz brown rice, 2oz prawn, 2oz chicken, egg, mange tout, spring onion, peas, soy sauce, sweetchilli sauce and chinese 5spice

was absolutley gorgeous, got it from a ww recipe and it was so filling i couldn finish it, kinda altered some weights so that it added up with what i was able to eat today :)


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Dinner defo sounds lovely & well done on the sts :) x

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