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Can anyone please help. I am on my refeeding week after successfully getting to my target weight and have been following the sheets very carefully, but have also been weighing myself every day as I am truly paranoid. Days 1, 2, 3 and 4, my weight stayed exactly the same, but yesterday I weighed myself and was 4lbs up and today it is 5lbs!! I am absolutely devastated and cant understand what I have done wrong. I am also worried this weight gain is going to continue. Has anyone else experienced this and will this weight come off over the next week or so providing I watch what I eat.
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Are you weighing at the same time each day i.e. first thing in the morning, before you start drinking fluids?
Personal question I know, but is it your time of the month?
Try not to panic, keep up the water, and maybe reduce the carbs for a day or 2...
I am probably not drinking the same amount of water as i was. I am weighing at the same time of day and its not my totm, Im terrified that after all this hard week its going to carry on creeping on and creeping on and I hardly feel I am eating anything at the moment anyway. Do you know of anyone this has happened to. I am going to the chemist for my refeed weigh in tomorrow so will speak to them too.
I would say up the water to your previous levels as a starting point. I saw a very interesting post on this forum a couple of weeks ago about how our bodies hold on to water if we are not drinking enough.
I have seen a couple of people have a small gain on refeeding, Dunlop73 for example - he is currently doing a refeed.
Try and relax, you don't want food to become the enemy after your hard work. I know our weight can fluctuate a lot each day. If I were you, I'd continue following the refeed 100%, up your water intake and put the scales away for a good few days. I'm sure it will all work itself out.


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I gained on refeed but that was down to not following the refeed programme exactly but also I must admit I stopped drinking water altogether and I should have carried on drinking the same amount as I was whilst on LT. I took a dramatic decision and decided to go back on TRF (simply because I didn't lose enough) but if you follow the refeed correctly and drink the water you should lose the weight gain.


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Don't panic - easy to say I know! Yoyur body is probably just going through a period of adjustment - mine is too. I have been constipated until the last few days since starting refeed (very few problems in that department while on TFR) but I think that my body panicked when I started eating and hung onto everything it could incase I went back to TFR. Maybe that's happening to you too. If you're sticking rigidly to the sheet you'll be fine once things have settled down. I've fluctuated a bit but am starting to feel more settled now.

Good luck and congratulations on reaching your goal!


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All I can add to the above is to say watch the portion sizes. You really need to eat half of what you were used to. Maybe weight food to get an idea of what a portion looks like. I know, I thought I knew what four ounces of fish should look like until I weighed it!!! Got a bit of a shock!!! Other than that keep up the water. As already said, your body will find its own level.


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I would not be too worried and it does not mean you are not gaining weight in fat, more than likely water weight will level out it self. Like said above, your is adjusting and if you were lacking water intake it may just be your body has not flushed it all out yet. But don't always take the number on the scales at face value as its often water/glyogen weight that shows up most.

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