Refried Beans


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Defo defo defo!! I am loving all beany things! I've heard that they are brilliant to aid weight loss as they 'pull everything through' (doesn't sound very attractive but who cares if we get those lbs off hey?!!)X


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Wonderful thank you everyone.


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Oh wow. I too had forgotten these. They are lovely with nachos so I wonder what they would be like in Asda pitta bread with raosted peppers yum !


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Oooh exciting, any recipes for them? I have a can in my cupboard :D


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There are a few recipes not just for the refried beans, but others you can probably make SW friendly here:
Recipe list page :: Discovery Foods
Also behind the can of discovery it gives a recipe for Refried Bean Mash
Ingredients: 1kg potatoes, peeled and mashed into small pieces
Butter and milk for mashing
1 can of discovery spicy refried beans
Cooking instructions: Cook potatoes until soft. Drain and mash well with milk and butter. When smooth add refried beans and mix over gentle heat until hot. Check seasoning and serve immediately.

I would serve it with a small portion of chicken breast...yummy!


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i luv anything mexican :) so that is awesome that they are free! tho it makes me want a giant nacho mountain with loads of cheeeeeeeeeeese :(