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Reheating pasta and sauce


This is really the time!
I have tried keeping noodles warm in a flask and they were wrong on too many levels lol Pasta may be the same.

I would just warm it up. Like Gareth. I never find it a problem. Just make sure it is properly cooled before you seal it in a container, or it may become sticky.


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Yeah - I tried putting pasta n sauce in a food flask with hot water in the morning and come lunch time it was a slimey mess.

If you have access to a kettle you could add boiling water to the flask 10 minutes before you're ready to eat it. I think that would probably work.
I would have no problem reheating it - you might just have to add a little extra water to it to moisten it up.
Thanks everyone, will try the re-heating thing.

Also, I must ask what does everyone cook theirs in, if you're doing it in the microwave? I cannot find a deep enough dish suitable for microwave cooking. I even looked in Lakeland but to no avail.


This is really the time!
I use a microwaveable sandwich box/tupper (sp?) wear type thing. Was about a quid from a cheapo shop lol...Tomato based things discolour it, but that doesn't matter lol


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I cook mine in a saucepan... make sure it's got enough room for when it starts to boil as it sort of bubbles up really high. It is for this reason that I never make it in the microwave. I always end up with a pasta-n-sauce volcano... and sauce everywhere. I've never managed to avoid a disaster cooking it in the microwave. :eek:


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Lakeland do a microwave steamer which by the way is fantastic for cooking rice in the microwave - wouldn't do it any other way now.

For pasta 'n' sauce I just take out the steamer insert and use the bowl. Works perfectly every time. The latest version doesn't stain if you're doing tomato based pasta.

Also in the range are different sized microwave saucepans. I use the small one on an almost daily basis for doing stuff like beans or veg. The microwave range is on offer at 3 for 2 at the moment.

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