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Rejoined yesterday!


Slim for summer
Hi, I rejoined yesterday, so on day 2, so far so good! Except for the many trips to the loo, the water is a pain! I did this last year in a bid to lose weight for my wedding, and suceeded, but could have done with losing another stone...

Since then I have regained all the weight plus another 1.1/2 stone , so need to shift 4 1/2. :( Need to learn to maintain, as I just went back to bad/old habits.

Wish me luck everyone!
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Hi there

I'm in the same boat as you!! lost it, then put it all back on, and now have 4st to shift!!! Its so easy to go back to those naughty foods isnt it!!!

Good luck, and keep us posted on your progress, I know it really helps me to read other peoples posts.

j xx
Good luck Jenhen, you've done it before so the pride you felt after loosing the first time should be a good motivational tool, we're gonna rock this summer!
Good luck from me too. Like has been said before the weight you put back on is a motivational tactic to lose it this time.

This is my second day and I'm looking forward to the weight going. I've taken some pics of me in my current state (nearly 17 stone) I've always been a big boy, need to be about 13 stone, so when I get peckish I just look at the pic I took & reach for the water :)

I'm sure you'll be fine x


Slim for summer
Thanks girls, am really determined now with all this warm weather coming, I want to hit target by july for my hols.

I want to feel sexy again!:) xx


Slim for summer
Mellowman, the water intake is the toughest bit isn't it?

How much do you all guzzle? I'm going to try to buiild up to 3 litres, the chemist said I should aim for 4L, but I don't know if i'll manage that, maybe in the hotter weather...
Same here, I've been drinking about 3 litres a day so far. Pi**ing like a racehorse because of it though! :)

If it was flavoured water I think it would be easier but plain water is tough. It's weird because I don't feel hungry, just feel like I should be eating, if that makes sense?

Just bought some fizzy water, that seems to be going down a lot better for me. First few days are the worst as people say, it'll get better. :)
Ive got a 1 litre water bottle that I fill about 3 times in work and must have a pint or two again in the evening at home too, thinking about it thats a lot of water!!! Its a good job the loo is closeby at work!

Yes I drink fizzy water too - it tastes better to me!!

I do about 3 liters a day too, im just glad I live in an apartment and don't have to run up and down the stairs all night to the loo!! Hehe

J xx


Slim for summer
I have run up the stairs about 20 times today, so its a good work out all this peeing!


Sensibly losing :)
Good luck Jen.. not that you will need it!! Get in the zone and get burning it off and the feel good feeling will be yours :)

(oh and the peeing drives me bonkers.. I am up about 5 times a night despite reducing when it gets late.. I wasnt like this at 9 months pregnant! )

look forward to getting to know you xx


Slim for summer
Thanks Donna :)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Lots of luck to you. If you have done it before then you know the ropes. Keep busy for the first week or two so as you will resist any temptation.
Stick 100% and you will be at goal in no time at all.
Hi Jenhen - good luck to you 2nd time round! just keep thinking about how good u felt before and it should come off in no time! I'm also on day 2....well technically its day 3 now yippee lol - its a lot of hard work and am finding it hard to drink all the water but just trying to stick with it! just noticed ur also from essex :D good luck again!


Slim for summer
Thanks Lexi :)
Hi jenhen

Hows it going????

Are you managing the water?? I've been soo thirsty today, I've already had 1.5lts!!! yay!!

think thin!!

j xxx


Slim for summer
Hi J,

I'm doing great thanks, I have been managing 3 litres of water every day, but on loo every 20 mins! Its def easier to get it down when the weathers warmer!

Hope the suns shining where you are :)
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Yes lovely and sunny here today!! It really makes you want to stick with it for those lovely summer clothes!!! False tan testing soon I thinks!!! hehe!!

I'm up to 2.5liters now - so happy bunny!!! But the weeing is driving me mad!! I've got big high heels on today, and the route to the toilets in work is a tiled floor!!! so cant do it very quietly!!! All you can hear is me clip-clopping to the loo every 30 mins!!! hehe!!!

have a good afternoon

j xx


Slim for summer
Oooh just noticed you started doing this same as me! So first weigh in Monday for us, Can't wait to get the first stone off, I will be chuffed to lose 8lb in first week, same as when I did it last year, any more will be a bonus...

Have you done LT before?

Jenny xx

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