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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by emmaez89, 19 June 2014.

  1. emmaez89

    emmaez89 Member

    Hi everyone, I haven't been to class since february and lost 2 stone In the time that I was At slimming world. I want to rejoin slimming world but I want to start from where I was last at instead of loosing my awards.

    How much would it cost to go back to class, or how many missed classes would I have to pay for?

  2. holiday-dieter

    holiday-dieter Well-Known Member


    I'm pretty sure if you still have your card, you can pay the joining fee £9.95? and keep your current data/losses. I may be wrong though!
  3. jennjenn84

    jennjenn84 Well-Known Member

    I think it's £15 to retain your history or £9.95 to start fresh.

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