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Reliable Sources of Carb Content

Whilst waiting for the book to arrive from Amazon, I have been trawling the net.

Can I find any consistency when I look up carb content?

for example asda cherry tomatos say 2.1g per 100g, one website says 3.2g per another says 4g, same with almost everything you try to check - does anyone have a relaible rescource on tinternet.

And "cups":mad: id like to swear :mad:

Whats a cup of lettuce anyway? You can get more in if its shredded but the weight will always remain constant.

If Dr Atkins was so strict (especially in first 2 weeks) to ensure success then, how is it that it is almost impossible to accurately estimate the 20g of carb

End of rant, lovely to be here, already in keytosis after a VLCD, but hated the products, hence the move to low carb weight loss.

Any and all advice is welcome I have a long journey ahead.

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I have the carb counter book for the atkins diet....however my maths skills are not that great. I still don't understand the cup thing. It's american...however Jim said I think that he used a normal cup...I don't know what size though. I'm using a cup as you know but I somehow feel that this might be wrong... Hope someone knows! I don't want to put on after powdered hardship. xx


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I use stephen link too.

I even made myself a spreadsheet of my most used items, then all i had to do was type in the weight and it would show me the net carbs.

Steve S

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Hi Amber! :wavey:

You've come to the right place. There are quite a few really knowledgeable and helpful peeps on here. Welcome aboard! :D
Argh what does ECC mean ? OMG broccoli has so many carbs!!! :( It's my fav veg. :(
Hi Amber, welcome love.

I used 3 Mugs of chopped veggies a day on induction, didn't bother counting the carbs in that. I do feel the original Atkins was a lot simpler really.

I use

Carbs in Vegetables - Carb Counter


Yummy mummy to be!
Argh what does ECC mean ? OMG broccoli has so many carbs!!! :( It's my fav veg. :(
ecc is basically the net carbs, brocolli has 4.04 per 100g which is not a lot. Just weigh how much broc you are consuming and do the math; eg if you eat 50g in your meal you need to count it as 2.02 nc.

Hope you don't think im being condesending but i read in another post that you weren't great with the maths thing!
Oh no no Zimara my maths is absolutely awful...I have taken my maths GCSE 5 times...and failed every time. I have dyscalculia which is pretty much dyslexia with numbers. It's funny because I'm doing an English Literature degree...talk about complete extremes! Thank you :) I shall be weighing my broccoli tonight - going to have a bash at that cheesy mince pie thing sounds nice xx

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