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  1. lahodges87

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    cambridge diet
    Hey guys, im worried!:sigh: im determined to get bk to my hardcore ss ways but im worried that im not gona be able to... iv got my exams startin on wednesday and i just dunno if i can do the studyin thing without the food - i no it seems strange but for as long as i remember wen i study iv always had some food/sweets/extremely unhealthy sugary drink in front of me ... in fact jelly tots and red bull usually give me the boost i need to keep me goin! :confused: :confused: :confused: what is a girl to do...if i could study and be on here at the same time i would but i doubt that it would help the concentration levels! hehe

    Also i dont think iv ever been so stressed this exam on wed ... i havnt a bloody notion!! its a waffle to me!! grrrr frustrated and stressed!! if i had a week off id be grand but seein as im still in uni all my regular hours (which is every day nearly and nearly all day in some cases) im startin to really freak out!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    (sorry for the ranting and the self pity - but who else will listen to me but you lovely people!!??!!)

    Anyone ever been through anything similar and have any tips?? (and before anyone suggests i cnt take a bath n have an early nite....i have no bath :cry: :cry: :cry: hehe :rotflmao: but o i miss my baths!!)

    Lynz xx
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    Hi there.

    Stress makes me hungry, too. It also makes me depressed which, in turn, feeds my craving to eat.

    Perhaps harcore SS-ing is too much to ask of yourself right now?

    What about 790, or even 1000? So much more food involved, and less stress - or so it seems to me. You can go back to SS-ing when your exams are over, if that's what you want to do.

    I am all for making the weight loss journey as stress-free as humanly possible. Whatever else you may do, be kind to yourself at this time. You are stressed-out and under pressure, and to most peeps here that means HUNGER. We seem to feel all emotion - good or bad - as a desire to eat.

    I've posted elsewhere that I find SS-ing really difficult most days. I try and try but I just get so hungry and that makes me feel miserable.

    Don't beat yourself up for giving in to the lure of goodies - they will always call you. The thing is that now you don't always have to answer that call!

    Take heart, get the study and the exams behind you, then go on from there.
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  4. CW Consultant

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    The 1000 could be the best option as you could prepare snacks for during the day. 150 cals from fruit for instance you can have a relatively largish fruit salad and pick at that when you feel the need for something sweet. The natural fruit sugars are much better for you and take longer for the body to use so you will not get hungry or crave as quickly as if you had a sweet.

    You still have two packs a day so are getting 2/3rds of your nutrition from that and still have a lunch and dinner (the fruit allowance is instead of a breakfast its either or).

    When your exams are over move back to 790 for one week then back to SS.

  5. Hi I that its a good idea to move up to 1000 cals. I know when I was studying I was exactly the same and needed my nibbles...That's why I put on a stone with every year of uni!! Before I know it I've had a great time at uni but 4 stone heavier...with a degree lol

    Are you at Dundee uni or Abertay? I was at Abertay and we used to get a study room in the library and sneak nibbles in. On good days we had grapes and it definitely helps concentration. I don't know about you but when I get hungry I lose concentration.

    Good Luck with your exams.

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    Ok hun, its decision time. What to do? Hrm.......the only way to do SS, is to do it hardcore. If you are picking for psychological reasons, ie. I normally do, I'm stressed etc its a case of asking yourself can you stop yourself? BUT, if everything is taking it out of you and you are knackered and tired and awful because you can't manage to not pick and cause uni is ruddy evil then you might need to step up the programme. Maybe you and Erin could be hardcore together?

    You know my feelings on 1000cals, I'm not too keen, but you might be different. If you were on 1200 you'd be on the same as Erin and maybe you could both keep each other on track?

    But, then we have to consider, you have to think quite a fair bit about what you are having and have to get the control. SS is great cause its very black and white, with the with food programmes, especially the ones with carbs its difficult to show that control when we're so uuuuuuuuuuuber stressed.

    Ultimately its up to you, talk it through with Laura, see what she thinks. Let me know how you get on tonight!! xx
  7. flirty40greeneyes

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    Slim and Save
    Good luck on your exams ..........

    Sure you'll sort out what's right for you diet wise!
  8. wannabslim

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    I'm not dieting, I'm on the pregnancy diet!
    Oh hun,

    I know exactly how you feel. I have been so good with SSing until today- only ate once and it was planned, but today I have been sitting at my PC all day working and couldn't resist the temptation to have a packet of crisps.... I feel so stupid for giving in, I even tried talking out loud telling myself I didn't need it... but it didn't work and I must confess it then turned into having 2 packets- :banghead: a grand total of 230 calories and 8g of fat :-(.

    Now being rational I know that this keeps me under 790 cals, but the fat and carbness of crisps is appalling. If I had to eat, why did it HAVE to be crisps?! GRRR I am so angry with myself right now! And totally get where you're coming from- its so hard to study and not eat :-(
  9. lahodges87

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    cambridge diet
    thanks guys uv all been reali supportive! i just got home frm the library been there all food there! n took my tetra and my bar wit me had my soup when i got home but eugh it was nasty had to force it down...think im gona do an add a meal today just to keep the craving away wen im havin a study break! its only at nites than its bad during the day i could go hours n eat fact b4 the diet i used to i would get home from a day of uni had no food all day then id eat myself out of house and home! lol il let you all know how i get on!!

    Coley...heyy!! i miss you!! its weird not seein ya every week! neways yes as i said gona try add a meal at least that way imite get into ketosis! maybe? who nos! neway weight wise not much has changed... i havnt put any on which is always a plus!! but im determined to get a few more pounds off b4 i go home!
    Hows the dissertation goin? is all well in ur world? is yor chocolate still in the jar??

    Lyns xx
  10. lahodges87

    lahodges87 Full Member

    cambridge diet
    hey tiara-maker, i go to dundee... the have the little security men in our library so no food! thankfully allowed water tho!! last yr my friend used to tell him she was a diabetic so she could have her food - how bad is that??
    I know what you mean .. if im thinking about food at all i cannot concentrate ... in fact i have to be totally focused for anything to go in at all!!! heres hopin i can be focused for 2 days straight!
  11. There was a dragon woman at Abertay who came round and checked up on us..We just dodged her though. I'm a bit of a rebel me ;) Wish I'd thought of the diabetic excuse! That is just brilliant!

    This is bringing back memories of all nighters and red bull and pro plus. Not at all healthy! I still miss it though.

    Wishing you luck for your exams.

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