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restart ssplus again today

If you weighed yourself at night the extra weight will be coming from the little bit you had to eat PLUS the several litres of water you've had during the day.
If you are going to weigh yourself every day try to only do it in the morning, you'll then have a better idea of what you actually weigh.
What sort of veg did you have hun?
mixed veg pack. ill do the weighing again in the morning cas ur right i did do it again at night.

See the type of food you've had shouldn't have knocked you out of ketosis and I can't see it making you put on weight, the calorie count just isn't high enough.
I will bet you that you will be the weight you were before if not lower by the morning. All it is, is that you've had one little slip, gone into panic mode, got on the scales to check and assumed the worst has happened, it's made you put on weight. I think if you'd got on the scales before you ate it would have told you that you'd put on that 1 1/2lb already purely from the water!
I'm waffling now, lol, so I'll stop.
Let us know if that 1 1/2lb is gone tomorrow morning though won't you.
Kellymundy is right.
Your weight should be the same if not lower this morn.
I weight myself every morning, then in the evening just to see the difference there has been some days where I am up to 5lbs heavier!
Then its gone the next morn.


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Pat yourself on the back for making good choices when you slipped and not letting it get out of your control:patback:

Keep moving forward...

Love Mini xxx

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