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Welcome back! Atkins is always here for us when we return from our carby wanderings lol. Good luck on your restart x


This is for life
Welcome back and good luck:)
Hi, just seen this thread... I'm restarting Atkins in the morning too... Fingers crossed and good luck everyone
yay i've snook in through the back door and is going to start again tomorrow,begining of the summer was just a big no no for me, but all set and ready to begin tomorrow, been looking for my books then realised id stuck them in the local charity shop.....first thing tomorrow im off to the charity shop to buy them back lol. xxxx colleen xxxx


This is for life
Good luck stormywave and mrsminkymoo too:D
Thank you, protein shake ready to take to work in the morning for breakfast (thank goodness for rugby playing kids) and egg Mayo with salad for lunch. Babybel for midmorning snack. Only a 9hr shift so should be fine to make something for dinner when I get home...will get starting weight in the morn too... Do you all monitor measurements too or just dress sizes?? X
Good luck all you newbies :)

I will be starting my second week tomorrow. Got my first weigh in tomorrow (keep your fingers crossed for me plz) Got through week 1 and have to say I am loving it. The people on here great and so supportive and always to help you out if you have any questions.

Good luck to you all :)


My first weigh in tomorrow so have my fingers crossed for that


" If at First".....
Love your Avatar lucy4loop1. I have some ready meals I can't afford to throw out so must eat them first but also eating low carb for my other meals. I'm just about to have a coffee with cream, for lunch I'll have a 2 egg omelette with cheese & green salad. I'm afraid it's an M&S Liver & Bacon ready meal for dinner. I know it's not ideal but perhaps by next Monday I'll have got it right.

I'm still reading the book & later I'm thinking of ordering the cheap edition of the latest Gary Taubes book which is due out soon. Has anyone read it?
Gary Taubes is great. He explains why low carbing works and shows that traditional dieting and nutritional advice over the years has left so many of us overweight and hungry!

I can remember when we were all advised to eat 'wholemeal' bread, pasta, brown rice, etc as these were 'healthier'. This may well be true but any regular carby foodstuff hits my blood sugar in the worst way and makes me hungry and prone to powerful carb cravings.

Taubes also shows why 'accepted' wisdom on low-fat eating is skewed. The proof of the Atkins pudding is in the eating and most people do very well on this plan. We tend to eat better quality food than ever before.

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