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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum and have been reading lots of the threads that are so inspirational. Anyway...I'm starting again due to some rather cruel comments from a colleague which were said in jest but have really hit home. She thought I was finding it funny because I was laughing too but in all honesty I didn't find it too funny, especially when "the joke" continued the following day.:cry:..so I'm starting again and this time I am more determined than ever so perhaps I owe her some thanks! I'm going to follow the slimming world plan as I have loads of books from when I attended classes previously. I won't be going to classes because I work various shifts and it's not always possible to attend but I but the magazine regularly and visit the website (can't afford online club). Hopefully with the help and support of everyone her I might reach my goal this time.

Good luck everyone

Deb x
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Hiya Chucks!!
Hello and good luck..
Your collegue will have to pick on someone else when you get to your goal eh...how awful for you..((hugs)) x


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Isn't it hard to think of a suitable retort when cruel comments are made... (and surely cruel comment are never really in jest...). I once read to retort: "at least I can diet, you unfortunately will always be [nasty/a *****/suitable insult equal to hers!].

It does infuriate me how people think fat comments are just ok... yet we'd never dream of commenting on their hairy chins, ugly faces, smelly feet or whatever. We're just too polite!


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Hi Deb

how are things going?

I hope you are feeling better now from all our hugs and support. You will find a lot of that on here for whenever you need a boost.


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Hi Deb, welcome and sorry to hear about the cruelty. Sometimes people really dont think before they speak.

How is SW going for you?

Hi all :wavey:

Haven't had a chance to get back on here as I've been at work and with the school hols, when I get back in the kids won't let me on the pc....lol
Thank you all so much for your wonderful words of encouragement, really means a lot.
Hopefully over the weekend I'll get a chance to have a proper look round the forum.
I was following SW on my own at home because I thought it would be hard getting to meeting when I do different shifts...but..I've noticed that the same lady does several different times so am returning to group on Monday. Look forward to joining in on the forum and thanks again everyone..means a lot x


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Hi again Deb

I know what you mean about kids..... I find being on the PC is like being on the phone, they ignore me for ages and all of a sudden they want me or they start fighting. Anyway right now mine are stuck in Spain and I miss them, even the bickering!

Glad to hear you are able to get to classes, if that is what helps you then use it. I am following Go Lower which is very different as all my food is supplied and no classes. However, I do have a personal consultant at the end of the phone and for me that is what works.

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