Restarting.. used to be here about a year ago...


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..I came on here about a year ago, and did the cambridge diet for a week! and crashed :l ha

I was under a differnet username mind.

Well im back.. and I WILL do it this time. My little girl deserves a healthy mummy who can run after her without getting out of breath...

68lbs to lose and im feeling VERY positive this time.

I started on Monday just gone and to be honest im finding it VERY easy.. last time i really struggled.. but im working now and at college so i havent got chance to think about food..

Im already feeling my pants being baggier in 5 days?! madness eh..

Lets see what happens.. monday 7pm i get weighed.. :)
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Welcome back, and keep up the good work! xx


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i'm sure your going to do well , the key is to keep busy , which you are . You don't need good luck :)


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Good luck and welcome back. Great that you've decided to try again and sounds like you're in the right "zone" this time as you're finding it easier!

Let us know how you get on on Monday.


Trying to stay healthy!
Good luck with starting again, hope it goes well for you, don't forget the first week is the hardest, so keep at it and you'll get through.
Hope you have a fab 1st weigh-in!



I can do this.
welcome back, good luck.


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I restarted last Monday too! Maybe we can help each other along? Good luck with your weight loss journey