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Returning Newbie...

Hi all

Today is the first day of my return to LT.

I did (only)3 weeks on LT last year, whilst starting IVF and had a succesful treatment - so now am back to lose baby weight and all those many 100lbs I needed to lose from before that too!!

I actually had some packs left from last time, so started this morning but going for official weigh in later today.

I found the first week ok last time and only really struggled on week 3, where I just wanted to eat food - so fingers crossed I can survive again this time.

Worried it'll be tough, as last time I was at work, so really busy but this time, I'm on maternity, at home and have time to think about food and it's always near me.

Ah well, soon see...

Found this site sooo supportive and helpful last time, so thought I'd post right away - so I had people to push me along again.

Thanks for reading my ramble...

Jo x
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Babes, you can do it! Stay focussed, it gets hard for all at different points, keep positive and know that it's not forever. Congratulations on your wee baby and congratulations on deciding to take your life back with lipotrim!



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You can do it, just take one shake at a time, we all struggle at times but the results are terrific x
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Welcome back! I did the majority of my LT journey while on my summer holiday from university, so was just sitting around at home with nothing to distract me, so it's not that bad & you've got much more to occupy you than I did!

Good luck! You know what to expect, so you should be all set :)

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congrats on the baby hun and welcome back to lipotrim! It is a great experience and after the 3 week mark it gets easier and harder! Haha! More easier thou so dont worry. Being on maternity leave mite help as tiredness is a factor in the first few weeks and you will learn how to control ur cravings better by being surrounded by food you will be so happy that you dont succumb. Good Luck with the weigh in and the first week getting into ketosis.
Thank you all!
Already enjoyed reading so many fantastic, inspirational posts - just hope I have a good first week.

Struggling with a full blown cold as well - missing comfort food and Lemsips but at least I'm not feeling that hungry :)

Jo x


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Hi Jo,

Congratulations on your little bundle of love!

You'll do brilliantly. Keep focused and determined, stick to the plan 100%, drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep (well as much as you can with having a baby!) Keep coming on here and post if you need support/advice. This place is a life saver. Everyone here understands and is going through the same thing, which is fantastic.

Once you get your first weigh in over and done with you'll be so spurred on by your result.

Funny you should say about week 3. I know of a few people who really struggled with week 3. Even my chemist said something about week 3 being tough.

Good luck for the rest of the week. I'm looking forward to your posts and your first weigh in!


irish molly

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Firstly, well done on your lovely new baby. Just want to wish you all the best for your efforts to lose the weight. While it will be hard initially, you can do it. My only advice is to keep up the water. Keep sipping, it really helps stave off the hunger and temptation. Lots of luck.
Thanks ladies!
My little bundle of joy wasn't full of much joy last night - she woke at 3am and didn't go back to sleep until 7am - so I only had 3 hours sleep last night (doesn't help the motivation)!

Desperately desire something carby - like a big pizza - to curl up on the sofa with.
Split all my shakes up today so I can 'graze' and hopefully get through. x


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S: 22st7lb C: 9st12lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 21 Loss: 12st9lb(56.19%)
Step away from the pizza Jo!

Heehee. I know you're so determined this time so I know you'd rather have a lovely delicious shake much more than a pizza!

Aww the joys of Motherhood. I'm a sadist as I love my baby wakening up in the night, as I love to shush her back to sleep (She's the only person who loves my singing)

Keep at it girl. You can do this!


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