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I will be a Princess!
Sounds like a lovely idea to me hun!! I'm rewarding myself with a genuine Troll bead every time I get to a stone (should have bought one this week, but I put on all the weight I lost last week over the weekend :() Anything that motivates us has to be a good thing :) xxx
This is what I'll be doing! It never crossed my mind as being silly. I was thinking I would reward myself for every 10 pounds I lost (though your 1/2 stone idea sounds better!)

I think this is the sort of incentive I need (my first class was on Monday.)

You should go for it!
I think that its a great idea!
My reward has been buying new clothes!!! I do think that it is really important to treat yourself along the way and its great to find a non-food treat!


Still rockin' it
Yup - I started my charm bracelet 2 years ago (pictures in profile) and have added one for each half stone. I now have 2 spaces left..................!

I am now 10lb off target and my husband is buying me the dress of my choice from Coast when I get there *nearly wees with excitement*
Out with the old and in with the new (clothes) is my reward.

I have taken great delight through my weight loss of bagging up old big size clothes and replacing them with new ones.
You can never have too many and they will still fit when you reach target :eek:)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I treated myself recently to some lovely new dresses in my current size - things that I would never have gone for in the past...certainly never colours!
my reward at the end of a week if i have been good is chocolate :)

i think my main reward to myself when i loose is going to just be getting rid of all by big clothes and getting out (and buying some new) smaller size ones ... I always have to watch money and buying healthier stuff (e.g. extra lean mince, instead of value) adds to my shopping budget so to me these are my treats for making the choice to start and to continue the diet :)

Got my eye on a new watch when I get my Club 10 award. And another watch when I hit the 100lbs loss. I'm sure that there will be another one after that.
I have one of those bracelets that you can buy different beads for...so everytime i lose, mum treats me to a bead!!! Got 4 so far and waiting for her to get home now with the 5th!! :) Not sure what happens when i have a gain though!!:(

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