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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by hungry120987, 22 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. hungry120987

    hungry120987 Full Member

    Hi fellow cambridgers!

    I hope everyone is feeling great & the desire to inflict harm on anyone that eats pizza in front of you is fading!

    I'm not sure if anyone else is weird like me & hates the standard flavours?

    I tried the rice pudding & thought it had a lovely texture but a taste similar to licking my wellies clean after a long stomp in the woods!

    I had a 2nd packet & decided to experiment, I added curry powder, garam masala & chilli flakes & made a curry!! I thought it was fantastic, the vanilla worked well with the other flavours & it tasted a bit like a korma.

    I've been on this diet for more than 6 months now so finding a curry dish has made me a very happy person!

    Has anyone else tried this?

    Jay x
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  3. ShelleyWebb

    ShelleyWebb Member

    No, but I am gonna try that!
  4. leehal

    leehal Full Member

    Someone at work tried this after your tip. Said they liked it and wonders why Cambridge don't make it already.
  5. jellibelli

    jellibelli Full Member

    That sounds so good!
    Ordering some rice pudding next week!
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  6. hungry120987

    hungry120987 Full Member

    Oh good, I'm glad someone else has enjoyed this :) I also don't understand why Cambridge don't do this, it's so cold and horrible outside the curry makes me feel warm and toasty!

    It seems a bot odd to me in general though that Cambridge push the sweet products so much, I think it would be better if there could be a savoury bar, I wouldn't normally have a chocolate bar for breakfast, I'm not sure it's setting up the best habits for when I'm finally allowed to eat again!
  7. Monica88

    Monica88 Full Member

    I tried this after ur post and it was delish. I have even tried using it with ss+ I used my protein allowance with chicken and grated cauliflower so it was like rice it was amazing and was like a huge meal. Think ur brilliant idea will really keep me going!
  8. MrsElms

    MrsElms Member

    Sounds good, always crave savoury more than sweet. I never get on well with the soup though x
  9. Dreamofsuccess

    Dreamofsuccess Full Member

    I have been thinking that too. Why all the sweet things when the general idea is to change your eating habits. I think in step 3&4 the bars would be good as you are eating meals and they would be more like a treat then. However that said it won't stop me eating them lol. I do wonder how it will impact the future though.

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