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Right all you swickers, time to own up

Has any one else done what I have tried and looked at the nutritional value of a soup, shake or bar and substituted it for something else. I cant stand the soups so only have shakes, over the last couple of weeks, on only one day, I have replaced 1 of my shakes with 3 Krackerwheats. It works out less calories and roughly the same carbs. Dosen't seem to have had any disisterous effects. (16st 3lbs to 14st 1 lbs in 23 days) Am I kidding myself on?

Would love to hear other views!:)
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surely that would mean you're not getting 100% vitamins/minerals etc....which will mean that your body will eventually go into starvation mode...and hold on to fat....:confused:

just a thought.....sorry if I've rained on your parade :(

Debz x
another very good point to which i dont know the answer.

as long as you dont come out of ketosis i would have thought it would have the same effect.

agreed you are not getting the exact balance of vits, but dont know what that would result in.

thanks for the responses, exactly the kind of thoughts i was hoping to provoke.:eek::eek:
agreed you are not getting the exact balance of vits, but dont know what that would result in.
would ultimately result in your body going into starvation and holding on to the weight imho.....and also burning lean muscle rather than fat for energy...it is very difficult to completely nourish your body without the required number of packs on any of the vlcds.....

Hmmm.....thats a lot of money per week to mess about with.....just my opinion.....but I hope it works for you....but TBH, I have my doubts.....:(

Have you tried mixing them to make different flavours, or trying some of the recipes?

I just worry that defeats the whole exercise of LL.....and that it will just be sthe start of a frustrating road.

Just be careful - as mentioned the nutrition side is being jeapordised - which is risky;

This is slightly diff but I know someone who had something other than a foodpack one week and she still lost a good amount of weight, so then the following week she went further and substituted more of her foodpacks, as a result she had no weight loss that week. She says that the more she thought she could get away with, the cheekier she got.... I think it's human nature to push it further and further.... obv she was then really disappointed that she hadn't lost anything, also had a whole weeks' worth of foodpacks (£66!!!) left over!!
Starlight, in our group, of course we talk about when someone lapses and try to find solutions, and offer support, etc.,- but what we don;t do is describe the food we ate - I think thats what she means. ;) :)
Ahhh right see that sounds fair enough, it sounded though as if she didnt allow lapses of any kind to be discussed.

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