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Right here we go - back on track


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Well i am attempting to give WW 100% again, i did after i seperated with my ex and went from 14.7 to 10.10.

I kind of settled into a routine and started cheating a bit ( i know some of you know what i mean ) and the weight has kind of crept back up to 12.7 :eek: ( norty norty loulou ) but i am determined to get it off again.
I want to lose 28lb and i am focused enough to get it. My weigh in is going to be Wednesdays, i wont use this to post all my foods mainly because i forget and then lose heart but it will be my sounding off diary and to read back and keep me focused.

I am on 23 points a day and am aiming to lose 2lb a week, anything extra will be a bonus. I am in a 14 now but they are a bit tight and im VERY pear shaped my top is 10-12 lol and even my waist isnt huge its my butt and thighs that are the area i carry all my fat :whistle:

AAaaanyway, enough rambling for now im off to ebay to find some books and things cos all the ones i have are ancient from when my mum went years ago :giggle:

Ps where are a good place to get the trackers from, i did one before but i couldnt figure out how to update it and it stressed me out
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Hi Vodka999
I know what you mean I also have not been doing it 100% I was going to ww meetings but i have not been for 2 weeks now . I am on 26 points a day and would be nice if i could lose 2 to 3lbs a week . Think you can get trackers from ebay too just do a search for ww trackers and it should take you there . Ive got alot more to lose than you im talking in stones . Yes my butt and thighs carry all my fat too
Good Luck


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Hi Vodka,

You have done it before so you know you can do it again. WW is a fabulous diet as nothing is forbidden, (shame about the quantity restrictions though :p)
Good luck!
Good luck - I've just started WW again too. After trying CD, WW is a dream. Good luck!


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Good luck!!! You've done WW before so you know it works. I am sure the weight will come off in no time. Make sure you let us know how you are getting on. :):):)


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Yeah thanks Starlight i finally figured it out lol

Im feeling positive and plan on upping the exercise i do aswell for toning results as i know that just eating better wont be enough for the results i want :D



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Had a good day today, i had a mushroom omlette for brekfast before work and took a bowl of mixed salad and colslaw for lunch with a bag of Frazzles ( which i found are only 1 point and i LOVE them ) and resisted when a customer went and bought me a flake from the shop.
I resisted the big old ribs and steak that my mum had left from the bar b q when i picked my son up too and have just had a sandwhich and some nibbles for tea. I was going to cook chicken but i couldnt be bothered when i got in. I have used about 18 points so far out of my 22 but will squeeze a couple more in before bed ( easily lol ) :D

Hope everyone else has had a good day
Hi there. Just wanted to say a quick good luck with your diet - you sound really motivated so I'm sure you'll do well.

Look forward to seeing how you get on!
Well done for resisting the bbq food. I dont think I could have done that lol.

Good luck with the rest of the week and keep us posted.....xx


To infinity and beyond!
Well done, you are off to a flying start. :)
good luck hun, i wish i'd have known about the frazzles when i was doing ww - they're my absolute favourite!!!!!


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Eeeek well still the same i havent lost this week but it is my fault as i had a surprise visit from my best friend who i havent seen for 7 months and he took me out to dinner 2 nights in a row and i didnt order well cos the menu was too delicious looking :D:D so i dont mind having stayed the same i didnt deserve to lose this week but hopefully now if i dive back into it today i will be at goal by the next time he decides to pop down for a visit lol
Never mind if you have stayed the same well if you have enjoyed your 2 nights dinner out especially if you have not seen for 7 months . Long as you enjoyed your dinners out if you had a idea you dont think you will lose then that ok .
Long as you get back on track it should not have any effect.
Glad you enjoyed your meals out
Good luck for the next weighing
Well Vodka "Well blo*dy done for sts I say" You managed to go out twice and have really good evenings so staying the same is a bonus......WELL DONE YOU!!

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