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Right.... in for a penny in for a lb


Grappling with life
I have lurked for a few days here cos I was trying to "get my head in the right place" but today I feel ready to give it a go (again) I have gained a stone in a month, simply from not being at work and eating what I fancy when I fancy it.

I know SW works as it has for me in the past. I have the books and the knowledge and it would appear I have located my motivation.

SW fits in mostly very well with my work but I do have a very active social life that invariably revolves around food and takeaways, so I am hoping I can incorporate this in the plan. Early next week its my birthday, my son wants to take me to the cinema and for a McD's. Then next weekend its my husbands birthday and all his family are coming up for a takeaway - probably a chinese or indian.

Today for breakfast I have had an oats so simple original sachet so that is my HEb and milk is my HEa. Not sure if the day will be green or EE yet.

Anyway, thought I would just introduce myself properly. I have done slim fast before and I think its great to shift half stone quickly for an event but I cannot stick to it long term.

Georgina x
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Hi Georgina,
Welcome to this fab forum and welcome back to SW.
Are you "going it alone" or joining a group? Either way, if your head is in the right place then you will be fine!
Jay xx


Grappling with life
At the moment I am going it alone. I did join a group in January but it was a huge group and I didn't feel it was the same as the smaller group I joined years ago which sadly closed. I may join another group if I find I really need it but for the most part I find online groups like this great for quick answers and support cos people are nipping on and off here all day you know. Anyway, I weighed in this morning so will start a new ticker later today.

Georgina x


Grappling with life
I can't see Oats so simple in my book? Is that allowed? I hope so I love it!!!
Ooh I hope so too! I thought the original one is but not the flavoured ones? If not I think its 6 syns and thats a lotta syns for breakfast, perhaps someone has the answer?

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi Georgina and welcome!
Yes Oat so Simple counts as a HeB and is great as a quick breakfast.

Good luck with your journey!
Good luck hun, it sounds like your really motivated and determined :) make sure you update us on your progress!!! Dont worry about the maccy's and indian, just plan ahead and bare it in mind when treating yourself in the week elsewhere :) lol xxxxxxxxxxx


Grappling with life
Thanks - was going to opt for a chicken salad at MaccyD's - if my will power remains strong with my son blatthering in my ear "but its your birthday"! Am going to check my food directory before the takeaway.

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