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Right, let's try again!!

Hello everybody :)

Firstly, an introduction- I am almost 25 years old (one week left of being early twenties lol) and 5ft tall. I am not sure of my exact weight but I am a size 16 which is far too big for my height!
I don't go to a group - I would like to but do not have the confidence to do it alone! Hopefully I'll have a car again soon so can perhaps join the one my mum goes too.

I did start a thread a little while ago - but as I had no home internet I was doing it on my phone and gave up after about 2 days!
I've also had a really bad week food wise - no chance to go shopping (no car at the moment is not helping and boyfriend gets home too late to take me) so have been eating awfully!

But now we finally have internet access so I have done my shopping online to arrive tomorrow and I can get on here for all the tips and advice I could possibly need! Hurrah!!
(Does anybody here use the online version of Slimming World - is it worth it, does it help?)

Mind you, starting Tuesday (I literally have nothing in the house at the moment so I'll be eating whatever's going at work tomorrow!) might be silly as I have a weekend away visiting the in laws and therefore no control over what I am eating, and then my birthday next week... I suppose having a few good days before then is better than not though! I just wont be expecting to lose anything.
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Hi Yellow Ribbon!

I'm also trying to do this alone, and am pretty short! (a little over 5ft). I find it really helpful posting my diary on here, keeps me alot more motivated whereas when i'm dieting literally on my own, i cheat. A lot, lol. And then give up.

It must be hard without a car, and being able to just go and do a big shop - i find i go through periods where i work real late and just never get chance to go and do a supermarket shop. And then my eating goes waaay downhill, lol.

Anyway, good luck! :)
Thank you! I am just waiting for the Asda delivery - its late!
Only about 20 minutes late so I can live with that!

So - Day 1 - here goes!

Forgot to take my Oat so simple to work so had a banana with toffee mullerlight - not 1/3 Superfree but close if bananas count?!

Lunch - Spag Bol from last night - 0.5 syns (tomato puree) plus for the lean mince (could not get extra lean) I THINK it is 0.5 per 28g raw weight. I had about 167g, so that 28gx6... so 3syns?!

Snacks - a little pasta and cheese (HEXA) with cheese sauce Bisto dried. I have seen that the sauce is 2.5 for a level dessert spoon. There was no way more than that so I'll go with that! An apple. Grapes and strawberries.

Dinner tonight if all goes to plan is Chicken, new pots, broccoli, cauliflower and carrot, plus gravy if I can find the right syns!

So - 6 syns plus gravy!
Change of plan - salmon with honey and chilli, plus rice. Cant remember exactly but recipe was SW and it was no more than a couple!
It was 2, So total of 8 on Tuesday.


Breakfast - mullerlight with banana and grape
Lunch - Tinned spaghetti on toast (HEXB)
Dinner- Chicken breast with new potatoes, Cauli, Broccoli and Carrots. Gravy - 2 syns I think. But I have plenty left if I am not quite right.
Snacks- Strawberries, apple, flump (When searched I found to vary between 0.5 and 1.5 so i will allow 1.5)

HexA used as milk in tea. A digestive biscuit to dunk - 3 syns

Didnt have much opportunity to use the syns today. 6.5
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Mmmm Cauliflower cheese (ish)


Am off work today, have so far had a bit of fruit to keep me going.

For lunch, I am about to go and get a cheese sauce mix as I have left over cauliflower and broccoli - a fair bit of it too so I should be ok then till OH gets in at 9.30 ish tonight. I will make sure I can allow the cheese sauce for that by being a saint the rest of the day! Delish.

I'm tempted to have a go at these too though if I can get gelatine: jelly sweets the SW way.

Dinner, I am planning on Chicken, Bacon and Tomato Pasta Bake - :eating: thanks BritMum!
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hi yellow ribbon welcome to minimins, i am following extra easy as i find this is the easiest plan to fit around going out and eating at other peoples houses. i was doing it alone but have had a couple of blips so joined a slimming class i paid for the 6 week course to try and keep me on track. i can use the online facility now but much prefer to come on here someone always knows the syn value if u get stuck. u were very good syning the flumps at 1.5 i would have gone for the lower value whether it was right or not lol ;) take a look at the food diaries on here and the blogs i find they are really helpfull especially if u r stuck for ideas good luck val x
p.s i tried the jelly sweets but thought they were yukky have made the 12 syn sponge today and free lemon curd to go in it so that actually brings it down to 10 syns as i am not using jam as the filling i am waiting for it to cool down so i can have a piece hope it tastes as good as it looks hee hee xx
Ahh thank you

Oooh, that sounds lovely! Let me know if it tastes it!

I think I will go and join my mums class once I have wheels again - then I can go to hers for a SW friendly meal after - be nice to have one cooked by someone else!
hi yellow ribbon cake was delicious would not know it was a s/w cake just tasted like fat free sponge very light would be great as a swissroll my daughter tried it and didn't realise it was a s/w recipe i am going to try the chocolate version next yummy lol :)
Ooooh Chocolate, even better.

Yesterday was a disaster- I didn't eat much at all but drank about 5 pints of lager after a horrible day! BUT I deserved it - we had a nightmare!

My OH was taking me away for the evening as it is my birthday on Monday.

First- the sat nav sent us past the country lane to our guesthouse and down a different one.

That one was a dead end/gate so we tried to turn round and got stuck.
And it was raining.
A lady did help us try and push it out but it wasn't budging.

Rang OHs recovery service but couldn't get signal, so had to walk a bit to get some... kept losing it but eventually told them what happened only to find out he is not covered for being stuck!
We couldn't move it though so we figured we needed them anyway, but then they couldn't find where we were on their maps!

While sorting all this out, a woman drove past and into the only house nearby, so I knocked on the door to find out exact address - she just shut the curtains and ignored us! Cow! She had seen us, and the car.

Then a dog walker came along but she didn't know the area.

Then OH's phone died.

Mine wouldn't get signal and it was getting dark. The rain was nice enough to stop but it was bloody cold!

We started the 2 mile walk back to the village we had come through, but found our guesthouse on the way! It was down a really long driveway/lane but there was no sign post so no wonder we had missed it- we just saw the lights in the dark. So we were chuffed - could go there, warm up (It really was freezing) and use a landline to get recovery.

But there was nobody there!!!
OH booked it and PAID for it the night before- and there was nobody bloody there!!

OH googled recovery services on my phone and we found one that was 24/7 and really local.

But he said he wasn't working last night, and then so did another!

FINALLY- 3 hours after getting stuck- we got hold of one (my battery is low now and its properly dark and we are on country roads) who was going to be 45 minutes - so we had to stay where we were- f'king freezing - waiting for him. He said it would be £75 cash only. Luckily, I always carry more than OH and we had exactly that between us lol.

About 55 minutes went by and I decided we needed to walk to the village and that the recovery truck was bound to come from that way. So we walked and walked and then, just as we were getting near the recovery guy rang to say he was in the village but couldn't find where to go next. Luckily we were almost there so we went and found him and directed him back!
He was lovely though, he had to reverse up this lane - his back light thing decided not to work as if enough hadn't already gone wrong!- and pull the car out backwards. He checked it all over that it hadn't been damaged, drove it himself back and forward a little to double check and then stayed to shine is torch and guide us as OH reversed back.

4.5 hours since getting stuck and we were finally on our way home! It's 9pm, we live an hour away...

We headed straight for the pub - got to pick the car up today lol.
So basically- 4 hours of standing around in the cold not knowing if we were going to get home/anywhere to sleep!!!
oh flippin heck poor u can see why u needed a drink after that lol, u will have to make that sponge blimmin lovely going to make another one monday think i might do chocolate one and put quark with 2 belgian choc opts in the middle will take the cake up to 14 syns but still only 3.5 points a big slice yum yum happy birthday for monday :birthday: hope u have a lovely day :) x
Thank you- Definitely drank too much again :7834: feeling rough now!!
Back on track tomorrow I hope! Cant face food shopping today
hi yellow ribbon hope u enjoyed ur birthday :) made the choc sponge but i wasn't over keen on it much preferred the plain sponge, hope ur getting on ok x
hi yellow ribbon hope ur ok :)

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