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Eloquent hooligan
You asking me to discipline you ? :D
no need my heavenly housewife halo has been restored lol
ok so now your halo is back time can you start my house work and a bit of packing wouldnt go amiss if you have time lol
yeah no bother shove that brush up my behind and a mop in my mouth and ill do your floors too while im at it lol would you like a cup of tea? pmsl god i hate housework, its never ending too i dont know how im ot a size zero im forever running up and downstairs and al the rest of it.


Eloquent hooligan
I don't like the phrase 'housework'...

I call it 'woman's work' ;)
tea would be good oh and dogs could do with a walk lol i know what you mean dont know where we find the time to be fat
Well, I'm off now too, got a good hours worth of ironing to do in the kitchen whilst watching some mind-numbing day-time tv then get dinner prepared for all! Lucy is happy enough watching her Mickey Mouse dvd in the living room at the mo with her dolls surrounding her on the sofa..see you later x
oh my flipping auntie mary! lol dont get me going on the 'womens work' scenario!!!! ill go on a hate men rampage lol


Eloquent hooligan
I love pushing your buttons :D
lol yeah but like a typical male its all the wrong ones :p


Eloquent hooligan

Banter is just as good as romancing... it's like inverted charm...

PS I know exactly where the buttons are... blindfolded too :D
Lol... hmm your right you know. I love a good old slagging match. So romatic lololololol


Eloquent hooligan
Love it me - always look for a feisty cheeky attitude in a woman - someone who can keep me on my toes & match me in a war of wit & words :) Nothing better than a meeting of minds :) Always keeps it fresh.
lol u need angelina jolie, man she would give any bloke a run for their money!


Eloquent hooligan
You know that thought has often crossed my mind too :D

I may have met my nemesis in her... she's dangerous... but so so sexy :D
yeah... i hate to admit it but id love to be her lol anyway we are sooo not even diet related here (the others will be like 'what the flip' tomorrow), enough of that witch and her spells lol i think its my bedtime, ive to have the three kids up and ready and out by 9ish am tomorrow for this course im on... oh yeyyyy lol nighty night

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