righty ho im not goingt o be exersizing for a while

Discussion in 'Celebrity Slim' started by sheshelafunk, 30 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. sheshelafunk

    sheshelafunk Full Member

    :cry:after ive done the school runs im leaving it for the weekend i can hardly move my joints are stiff and my arm is friggen killing me and for heavens sake how did i get a cold over night!?! am i still going to lose weight if im lying down most of the weekend? actually i might have a chance seeing as i have a sore throat i wont be able to eat lol maybe that will even it out

    on a brighter note i had a hot shake it exploded as i was shaking it!!! but it tasted so good :)

    how are you all today hows it going? everyone looking foward to your weigh ins? xxx
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  3. Mazza

    Mazza Serial poster

    Oh no - poor you x

    Yes youre not supposed to shake the hot ones, you could of burnt yourself!

    Maz x
  4. sheshelafunk

    sheshelafunk Full Member

    lol ill stir it next time, i could really go for some cookies and milk ialways like that when im poorly, boo hooo xxx
  5. sharon kim

    sharon kim Silver Member

    lol daft sod i make the hot ones in my blender,
  6. Can i just ask? What are these hot shakes you are talking about? Never heard of them...
    Unless you are talking about the soups?? :confused:

    Emma x
  7. sharon kim

    sharon kim Silver Member

    she means the caffee or the choc shakes you can have them hot
  8. alison1256

    alison1256 Full Member

    Oh sheshe, you made me giggle about the exploding shake!! I would have probably done the same lol!

    Sorry your arm and joints are really sore....hope the tablets you got from your doc kick in soon and it clears up quick smart. I wouldn't worry about lying down over the weekend, you're body needs it to get better and your health is much more important than any diet.

    I've got the cold just now (hence the "blah" mood!), started on Monday morning and still sniffing away today - boo hoo! I'm really p***ed off though, as I'd just gotten over a 1 1/2 week throat are ear virus, so I've had 4 wonderful feeling great days to then get this blinking cold - not fair lol! Still, I'm not feeling hungry at all, so that's a bonus!!!

    Get well soon and get plenty of rest and fluids in you over the weekend. Take care xx

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