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Road to confidence and a slim size 10/12

Hey all
I thought i would start a weight loss diary in the hope that it will keep me on track. I apologise now if I talk utter rubbish lol. As a first post to get me going I should tell you a little about myself. My name is Bev, I am 34yrs and have 3 wonderful daughters ages 15yrs, 12yrs and 10yrs. I have been married to my darling husband for 12yrs. Oops I best not for get our dog Sandi who we rescued a couple of years ago.

I qualified as a nurse 4.5 yrs ago and currently work on a cardio/ respiratory ward. I have done Slimming World before and succeeded in losing some weight for my graduation ball. BUT sadly over the last 4.5 yrs the weight has crepted back on and a little more :-(. So I have decided it is time i got my self sorted for good. I want to walk into a shop and be able to pick something up and know it will fit and look good. I want to be invited on a night out without me getting stressed and upset about what to wear then trying to get out of going.

I started slimming world on the 2/3/11 and have so far lost 5lb. I have to say i love the SW quiche and the pizza topped chicken. This last month i have been getting lots of inspiration and motivation from not only on here but also the slimming world group on facebook. I have also set up a facebook account just for slimming.

Good luck to all you other slimming buddies out there, we will do it. x
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Well done on your loss so far - good luck on the journey, there is plenty of inspiration and motivation on here to keep you on track ;) x
Good afternoon all. I have been at work this morning i didn't like getting up an hour earlier for the clocks, i think 6am is early enough. Well today i am very pleased with myself as i resisted having some of the chocolates left by a patients relative.
I am doing a extra easy day today and so far i have had an alpine light, oats so simple 6.5 syns and batchelors Super Low Fat Noodles, Chicken & Herb. For tea chicken breast with baked tate and a huge salad. I know i haven't eaten that much today but i do struggle when at work. I have planned for tomorrow though.

Shortly i am going to take the dog on a long walk then our girls would like me to go on just dance with them. That should burn a few cals.
hiya bev welcome to s/w and minimins u will get lots of help & support on here :) well done on ur loses so far and good luck losing the rst of the lbs x
well i have had a pretty good day food wise. I have been at work so only eaten what i took with me. I have had loads of superfree foods today and my favorite SW quiche. Weigh is on Weds evening, i hope i have a good loss, 2lb would be brill as i would have my 1st half stone award. 2 days off now thank god as getting low on healthy foods so i need to plan my next weeks menus and go shopping. I am so pleased the family are enjoying the meals it makes it so much easier.
Good morning minimins

I feel very refreshed today after having a full nights sleep it doesn't happen often.

I have a day off today so about to plan my extra easy lunch and dinner. I then will be going out to finish digging the garden ready for laying the new turf. That should be good for my body magic :).

I am also going to be restarting the shred tonight. I am determined to have a summer of wearing nice feminine clothes that don't cover me up top to toe.

oo must remember to measure my inches today.

Right best go do some work. To all out there enjoy and good luck with your day xx
I am well happy i have lost 1/2lb this week. I know its not much but its because haven't been 100% on plan. I think i have only managed to lose due to the amount body magic I have done from landscaping our garden. I must say it is looking good to.

Well back on track 100% this week. I am determined to have lost at least 1.5st before my holiday in August. I hope the summer will make it easier and quicker to lose.

Good luck all you lovely slimmers out there. xx
I rejoined sw on tuesday and so far it's going good. I have a family wedding to attend in August. I would like to shift 4st by then I wonder if it is possible in that time. Any off for now as I need an early night due to tomorrow being the start of 3 night shifts.

Good luck all you slimmers x
So far today I have had bacon, beans, scrambled egg, mushrooms and x2 slices of nimble. Followed by a muller and banana. I'm stuffed now.

Mugshot for lunch and fruit

We are having cannaloni and salad for tea. Xx

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