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Rosebug's Diary [back on the chain gang~]


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Age: 29
Height: 5' 2"
Started: 10/01/2011
Start Weight: 14st 10lbs or 206lbs
First goal: 13st 7lbs
Diet: general low carb (under 30gs)

Starting this up here just to help keep me on track.

Food today

3 x M&S frankfurters
Tbsp Tzatziki

4g carbs

Ham and 2 fried eggs

1.5 g carbs

Brie and cucumber

2g carbs

Litre sugar free squash (cannot live without this)

6g carbs

A few(?) cups of tea wth splenda tabs.

13.5g carbs without calculating cream in tea.
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hello and welcome to wonderful world of low carb :)
have you been on dukan site yet?


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I've low carbed an absolute ton of times before so it's not so much a welcome as a trudge back after a visit to the world of bread and chocolate. Started off on atkins, probably in 2004 or so, tried cambridge etc. Got the Dukan diet book but found it tediously boring to read and the diet itself not for me, I need a bit of veg, cheese and cream. So back to vague low carb. I know LC works best for me but gosh it can be hard to stick to.

Anyway, day 2.

5 slices thin pancetta and 2 small flat mushrooms with brie

1g carbs

Omelette with salmon and cream and snow peas

4g carbs

Ham and brie and a little cheddar, 2 mini pickled cornishons

3g carbs


6g carbs

So 14g carbs without accounting for a bit of cream in 2 teas.

My carb values are from weightlossresources.com but sometimes I think their carb values look a little low and round them up by a couple of extra carbs. I have done this today.


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Snow peas are just the little green crispy peas in their pods you can get in the veg section. They're too carby to eat properly but 4 or 5 pods on top of an omelette works out fine.

I did have a wander over to the dukan section last night, to be tempted by the thought of low fat yogurt. Dukan just confuses me though - basic low carb requires keeping on top of your eating already I think complicating it further with on days and off days would make my tiny mind explode! I wonder if it has better or equal results to Atkins, though.


5 thin strips pancetta (so much easier than bacon, it cooks so fast, and five strips equals about 1 1/2 of thick cut bacon so you feel like there's more.)
Two small flat mushrooms
Two boiled eggs with a bit of butter.

About 4g carbs

Later I'm doing a small rump roast of beef which I might have with a little cauli, and will pick at for the evening/tomorrow.

So 10g carbs so far including my drink, and no plans for more except in cauli and a little cream in tea.
I wonder if it has better or equal results to Atkins, though.
I have done both. Its easy really quick losses just no way i could maintain with those rules.
You can have yog - there are some low carb ones - Linzi (ditzeeblonde) has yog not sure which ones though as im not a fan!


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I think once I get to a weight I am happy with I might try a dukan style maintenance - eat reasonably normally but have one day of pure protein a week. But doing his regime for months and months sounds too much for me.
yes very true. one thing i like is his true weight thing where he calculates what you should weigh :)


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His weight calculator says I should be right at the top of a healthy BMI. I guess I'll see when I get there. Right now I'm eager to be in the 13's - 14 stone is the lowest I've gotten on recent diets. A sneaky peek at the scales suggests 4lbs gone so far but I'll weigh in properly on monday.


200g beef (roasted my own)
0g carbs

3 scrambled eggs with butter, spring onion and cheese

5g carbs

hot chocolate made with teaspoon green and black's cocoa powder, water, and spoon of double cream

3g carbs


6g carbs

May have some cucumber as a late night snack but so far I am at 14g carbsish.
are you getting full on this? not much food hon x
well done on the loss! brilliant x
I wasn't hungry that day but omg today (friday) has been all about eating and was unexpectedly rushed out so most of it was on the hoof and not ideal at all. Oh well I just hope it hasn't sodded up my loss.

Carb counts are total guesses as I'm on my phone.

MIM with butter very early
8g carbs

1/2 pack marks and Spencer crispy bacon & 30g cheddar
2g carbs

Double cheeseburger (no bun but scrape of ketchup)
3g carbs

Ham and 30g blue cheese
2g carbs

Small handful mix macadamia and cashew nuts
7g carbs? No idea.

Plus a bit of milk in tea and my usual 6g squash.

Hopefully under 30g but im not sure at all. Must have a super strict day to compensate.

First MIM was delicious though. Huge and filling, nomnomnom.
Today partly better: I've decided not to use Atkins bars as much as possible on this diet as previously I have eaten too many and I've stalled, but I was starving on the way back from the hospital today and it was the easiest thing to grab. I really need to think about what to take with me for snacks. I have some mini cheeses and crispy bacon, no cool bag (or space for one) so it can't be things I'd need to keep chilled. Maybe mims would be a good idea.

Food today:

1/2 pack m&s crispy bacon and 30g Brie

1/2 Atkins choc orange bar

5 pieces pancetta and 3 scram eggs with spring onions and cheddar

Ham, cheese, pickled cornishons
4g carbs

Orange squash

18g carbs, plus a little cream in tea
Scratchings are so high calorie, and again I'm the type of person who, if they have something snacky in the house, will eat the snacks rather than decent meals. I do plan to get the odd bag of them now and then though. Maybe for fridays, when I'm out of the house from 7am to 11pm.

Anyway - I decided to weigh early as monday mornings are a bit of a rush so Sundays should be easier for me. 8lbs off! woop woop. Just shows how many carbs I've been scoffing over xmas (and for a couple of months before, shh), but I'm now 14 stone 2, which I have gotten to before but not since septemberish.

Would love to see a 13 on the scales soon, though I know the second week is often a sloooow one. By the end of Jan though, hopefully.

And I'm 198lbs now, so back in onederland :)

Will update with food later. Just 30g of brie so far as I woke up verrry late.
yey thats fantastic!!!! best get eating hon - wish id had a lie in x


This is for life
Hi rosebug. Found your diary. Looks like a good first week loss - well done :)
Thank you <3 I'm definitely very pleased.

Okay, food today:

30g Brie

1g carbs (Brie seems to be a very low carb cheese. I hope I'm right on this.)

Lamb, cabbage, leeks, 1 baby carrot, gravy

According to approximate calculations: 6g carbs

1/2 Atkins choc orange bar:

1g carbs

Tbsp peanut butter

3g carbs

orange squash

6g carbs

So 17g carbs, and a dash of double cream in one cup of tea.

I'm making MIM cookies for tomorrow and will prob have one tonight so that will be about 2g carbs max for one cookie (probably a lot less) and might just have a bit of salami and brie to snack on later while watching the Golden Globes red carpet. 1 or 2g carbs.


This is for life
Oh Katie, you're in Twickers! I go to college at st mary's.
That's great, neighbour! Also I can see from our profiles that our starting BMIs & current BMIs are pretty similar - we can be diet neighbours too! I am just about to weigh in for week 2 and a bit worried after a great but partying weekend with family;)
I actually commute in from surrey as I'm taking a degree in twickers and study in central london at a different course on other days, but we're neighbours three days a week and yes! diet neighbours too. XD I love Twickenham, gorgeous area.

I'm also possibly fairly lucky as I don't drink (except very occasionally socially) - and don't go partying much, although that's partly because most of my friends have moved out of the area ): still if it gives me a chance to lose some weight and feel okay about myself to make more friends, that would be nice.

Okay, just made MIMs cookies, basing them on the recipe on the second page of the MIM thread. My version:

40g milled flax
(I used 40g because I wanted one tonight and the rest tomorrow. If I was doing them for one day I'd use 30g)
1tsp green and black's cocoa powder
20g butter
splenda to taste (about 4 tsp)
1/4 teaspoon bicarb

melted the butter into a liquid and mixed with the dry ingredients, then wrapped in a clingfilm sausage, chilled for an hour, broke into bits, squished down on a baking tray and cooked at 170 for 8 minutes.

Observations: It might have been better to use just very soft butter rather than fully melted. At the end of the mixing I was left with a breadcrumb like dough. It did stick together while chilling, tightly packed into the clingfilm, but even breaking it up and pressing it down on the baking sheet made it start to crumble again.

I ended up with 5 one and a half inch (approx) cookies and lots of crumbs. Not sure how well it will hold together in a lunchbox. Tastes pretty yummy, though. To me, at least.

I would estimate (and I usually overestimate) about 7g carbs in the lot? Which is just over a carb per cookie. So as I had one tonight, that will be about 6g carbs to account for tomorrow. Not terrible.

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