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Rude people


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I went into hospital yesterday for a hernia op.
The Anaesthetist sat on my bed, read my notes then said "you're a bit like me, on the porky side".
I was stunned. I didn't know what to say as I didn't expect to be spoken to like that!!
After what seemed like a lifetime, I eventually said "I've lost 2 and a half stone. In fact, I've lost 2 stone 8 and a half pounds". He asked what that was in kilograms and when I told him I didn't know, he said "I only deal in kilograms!!" then he walked away.
I thought what a rude sod. How dare he speak to a patient like that. I was SO angry. I didn't want to say anything as at the end of the day, this is the guy with a big needle.
Just thought I would share this with you, as I am sure you have all experienced rudeness at some degree.

Why do people have to be so nasty?
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A doctor who can't work out that 1kg is 2.2pounds, what a lying prat. I'd say he knew alright but just wanted to "win" the argument by turning it back on you and denying you your success. And you have been successful. It's a control thing, doctors love to control patients, it's your body, your life and your taxes paying his salary, don't forget that when they try to intimidate. Good luck on your op and remember you're the one doing something about it, an even if you weren't it STILL is not his choice to look after you or not, you've contributed to society no less than he has and deserve the best of treatment. I'm so sorry he has no manners, tact or an off switch, thank God you're not his wife, married to the likes of that!
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Yep been there, done that n worn the T-Shirt out! I have found it is in the medical profession that they seem to think they have the right to be so rude about your weight. I remember an X-Ray operator saying, you know all of this is due to your gross obesity don't you" I marched up to him face to face and told him he was an ignorant, rude and unmentionable type of person and said had he had the thought to read my medical notes before saying such a hurtful and personal comment. The nurse there let me get on with it as I think she agrees with me. I have actually seen me break down in tears when a Doctor says, lose weight that is your problem, I have often replied, do you really think I want to be like this!

I would like to say Hazykay to ignore it but it isn't as easy as that is it.
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I hope the op went well. :bestwishes:
What an idiot - it sounds like he just didn't know how to respond & had to get the last word in. :mad: I always think that people who are nasty & rude do it to make themselves feel good because they are unhappy in themselves. I pity them for their small mindedness and try not to let what they say affect me - I know it's easier said than done.
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omg that is shocking and i am so sorry u had to deal with that twat! but i may be wrong here i have had a few visits to hospital not myself but my kids and the always ask or take them to the scales and then convert them to what they need! if fact i too had a hernia op (8 years ago now) but i got weighed durning my pre op obs and i know it is the same for kids my son had an op few years ago i am sure that should of been the way he did it for u instead of being prick! grrr people like him wind me up! Hugs((())) u are doing a fantastic job through ur weight loss hun keep up the good work! x
Unbelievable ignorance from someone who should have the intelligence to know better. Hold your head high HazyKay and be proud of your achievements - you have nothing to be ashamed of. I don't know how these d***heads sleep at night. He's just a Fattist pig!!!!! xxxx


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Thanks for all your comments and good wishes. I'm feeling a lot better today :D. I've had lots of bed rest and I'm more mobile :stickdance:

Still can't get those comments out my head though!! What gives anyone the right to judge someone by what size they are?

I went to my Doc's surgery today to get my wound checked and the first thing the nurse said to me was 'My Hazel, you've lost a power of weight'. I was SO chuffed :happy036:

You are right in your comments girls, he IS a fattist pig, and I'm not going to let it get to me, I was just totally astounded.

Anyway, I'm getting on with my life, putting it behind me and looking forward to shifting the next 2 stone.

Together we can all do this. The support on here is AMAZING!!!! xx


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Good to hear that your op went well and that you are on the road to recovery.

I had a similar experience in 2007 when I went for a laparoscopy. It was supposed to be a simple procedure and a 4hr stay in hospital which turned into a 10 day stay cause the surgeon cut a blood vessel and had to open me up. When I did see him again he said to me that there was a 1% chance of that happening and cause I was on the "heavy and larger" size my blood vessels would be in a different place to smaller and thinner women. What a twat....needless to say I never went near him again. And to make things worse it took him 4 days to come to see me in the ward....he wouldn't return any of my hubbies calls either.


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Oh my Ladyvegas what an experience to have to go through. I'm not surprised he didn't answe/return any calls cause he would have realised what a prat he made of himself.

People like that have got their heads stuck so far up their backsides they don't realise how they treat other people. Ignorance is what I call it, but it's not an excuse xx
Its not just Doctors though..

One of our friends (my hubbies and mine) was saying how my hubby needed to lose some weight, (which was true) but this was coming from a guy, who at the time found it hard to even gain 2lbs.

Too add to this, we do a secret Santa every year in our group. Anyway a few people didn't come forward with there gifts in time and well one thing led to another and he (the person mentioned above who was being the secret Santa that year) went out and got a few replacement gifts.

When it came time to opening our gifts, my husband found he had been given some chocolates.

Needless to say my hubby was well pissed, especially as he knew who was secret Santa that year, and remembered the comments that were made about weight lose towards him..

Its not just thinking before you speak, its knowing how those comments will affect the person there directed towards. Some people hey.


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What I hate most is the fact that the more people have a go at you about your weight the less you want to do about it and the more you want to head for the biscuit tin :cry:
We already know we are bigger than we should be , we already know we are at higher risk of medical problems and we know that we need to "just eat less and move more" but as anyone who has ever been overweight knows it isnt as simple as just saying ok I will lose weight.
It takes time and willpower and we need to be encouraged instead of scoffed at.

These days race,age,gender and religion are off limits for the bullies (or at least are supposed to be) so why is it that those of us who are overweight have to run the risk of being shouted at and abused in public? Why are we any the less worthy of manners than those who can fit into a certain bmi?

I would seriously consider a formal complaint against him, even if it stops him saying it to 1 other person its worth it x


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Do you know fulltum, you've hit the spot!!
It's nothing more than abuse. Discrimination in any form in this country is not tolerated. What colour of skin you have, what religion you are, what your beliefs are, what age you may be, what sexual preference anyone has, you are not allowed to abuse anyone and quite rightly so.

Why is it that anyone who is regarded as overweight should be subjected to any kind of abuse???
The powers that be think they may have everyone covered, but the overweight seem to be the exception to the rule xx
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ive always been on the chubby side, and at school got picked on about my weight, i had a small group of friends-non of whome im in contact with now, and basically we all kind of came together, not because we liked eachother or hd things in common, but because no one else would be friends with us-we were a right bunch of oddballs, a full on goth, and overweight kid (me), a heavily peirced and tatooed 14 year old girl, and another girl who's parents didnt teach her hygine, and a really tall and skinny boy who suffered from really bad acne........
then when i turned 16 and my puppy fat dropped off a little, suddenly all the popular kids thought i was funny, and interesting, and wanted to be my friends, and because i never really fit in, i liked it. i realise now that i should have realised tht these people werent really my 'friends'.
then last year on a night out, after i had dropped to 10st, from a previous 12stone, i saw loads of people i used to know, and a few even said ''oh my god-you used to be well fat!'', and even though i had dropped some weight those words still cut deep, to think thats what some people remember me for-being fat!
what doesnt kill us makes us stronger, and some of those comments are what spur me on now. i may be ''fat'' now....but i know i can loose the weight.........but i dont think i recall hearing that surgeons carry out personality transplants now...........LOL!
Well said Madchef! These stories make me soooo mad! A complete stranger once marched up to me at a toddler group, looked me up and down then asked me if I'd always been fat and how did I cope with the physical demands of having an 18 month old. Cheeky cow! I could hear her friends tittering from the other side of the room and often wonder if she did it for a bet. It was such a bizarre thing to just come over and blurt out. I was a very shy person in those days and I nearly died of embarrassment. I was only about 12 or 13 stone at the time so goodness knows what she'd have said to me now! People are so ignorant at times - and very, very cruel. She'd get short shrift from me nowadays - I don't put up with it anymore! xxxx
S: 14st7.8lb C: 14st7.8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 36.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
A complete stranger once marched up to me at a toddler group, looked me up and down then asked me if I'd always been fat and how did I cope with the physical demands of having an 18 month old. Cheeky cow!
ooof!! Id have said "How have YOU coped with being an ugly ***** your whole life..? I suggest a bag on your head!!!"

Some people are total *******s. No way would I put up with ANYONE talking to me like that.

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