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rumbly ?



My husband = My hero
was just thinking the same...

hope your ok gorgeous lady xxx


Slowly but surely x
DUDES! How thoughtful you all are.
ive been maxed out with my coursework (im studying for a diploma in fashion design and sometimes i get really into it!). But Im here and I will come and see all your threads and diaries tomorrow.

On a plus note, had in laws round for tea and mark made them a thai starter and main and i made the pud! Guess what I had to eat? A piece of fish and an egg and i bloody loved it even though i could smell fresh ginger and garlic infused yumminess on their plates. I deserve a friggin medal when i get to goal!

Loves ya xx


Slowly but surely x
id rather have had delicious seared steak with a delish thai sauce!
I'm currently obsessed with steak. This makes me certain I'll be goign on Atkins after I get to goal.


Slowly but surely x
atkins is one of my favourite diets and keeps a bloated tummy away!
My fave atkins dish is chicken cooked in cream with chicken oxo and mushrooms, oopsie rolls and green veggies.
Im definitley going to maintain on atkins (which is permanent ketosis)
Oooh where/how are you doing your diploma? I did a Level 3 National Diploma in Fashion & Textiles at college a couple of years ago and I really want to get back in to it & go to uni. I loved every minute of it :)


Slowly but surely x
im doing a distance learning course through creative deisgn school. Im hoping to do a degree straight after. Im a work at home mum, i cant afford to go to uni or college.


Slowly but surely x
i absolutely love it - i know all my life its something i was destined to do. Im a pro photographer and creative/graphic designer for the uk crafts industry. Making "stuff" has been my life. My tutor has already marked me as an emerging designer but im still in my early stages. I will be able to complete this course in 6 months and start my degree next year.
I am so excited xx
The course wasnt expensive and i do all my croquis on illustrator - makes me happy :) But I do other work on top of the diploma so Im pretty much maxed out and dont find time to get pissed off with this diet.
Thats brilliant! I dont know how you fit it all in your day haha :) I might look in to doing something similar that I can do in the evenings. I always fancied doing Graphic Design too. My boyfriends sister is a graphic designer and she loves it.


Slowly but surely x
i taught myself photoshop and illustrator, whored myself out to a few companies and hey presto....i design letterheads, graphics, logos, patterned paper for the craft industry and anything else I can get paid for.
I dont do as much photography as Id like but I do teach poeple how to use their DSLR's more often than take portraits. Everyman and his dog are now taking up photography and undercutting the pro's - its a dying form of earning decent money, sadly :(
You can teach yourself graphic design; i guess it all boils down to having a natural eye for design x
I know how to use photoshop :) We did a module on computers in design at college. Learnt to use a CAD program too but I cant remember the name! I loved it though. We did life drawing, textile design & production, pattern cutting, trend forecasting, design, merchandising buying & marketing, technical studies and a massive knitwear module, and some more but I cant think of them off the top of my head! We had to make our own collection of three outfits at the end and had a fashion show it was ace.

Are you looking to go solely into fashion design? My friend ended up going to Central St Martins to do womens wear (the lucky sod!) and I would love to go there but it's so hard to get in and I don't have enough points to get in anywhere else either!


Slowly but surely x
i think id like to but im nearly 40...considered too old. have you seen how much personal shoppers get paid? I could so do with some of that x
your so clever hun, would love to see some of your designs some time :) I never get bored of crafts love love love it xxxx how exciting your an inspiration xxx

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