S- diary The WI has started!


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Hellooo diary!
one of many many many diaries ive have on minimins!! lolz

Currently on 4th day of SW, ive done three EE as i was not too sure how it worked and this is my first day of RED.

so far no good... ill tel u why..
I seemed to have gained 3lbs since i started..... i have no idea why im hoping someone has a theory...

I did the dukan diet most of last year and lost almost a whole stone with that and GYM three times a week.. I got PG.. that didnt really last so went back on diet.. I had gained a stone in 3 months when i was off plan.. since then i managed to lose half a stone. Crashed over xmas and new years and now... even tho im still at gym 3 times a week i cant get back to even that half stone mark! I dont know what is going on... i was 12.7 last week and this week im 12.10 i duno what happened but im sure some of that is water weight or muscle! eekk

So from Dukan to SW.. im hoping to shock my body and follow this plan now and hopefully during my pregnancy... when i get pregnant that is! lol

wish me luck!!

all comments welcome!

please do think about that theory...?

c ya

s xx
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G: 10st3.3lb
Opps but my food diary in the wrong place!!
wi this morning was 12.7! thank god!! the water weight scared me! im back to the weight i started so i hope i have a real loss on monday!
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G: 10st3.3lb
First official WI today (sunday 13th)

12.6! -1 lb
Now that can be -4lbs if u count the water weight i put on and lost within a few days last week! lol but i see it as 1lb down success!! im pleased with that and hope next week will be a greater loss! Also 1 inch loss around top half of my tummy! This bit is important to me as it means my asian clothes will look better on!! woooop!