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s/w weekly meetings


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I've learnt from experience that I have to go to meeting every week and stay for 'image therapy' to motivate me for the following week. We have quite a few that just weigh and go, I'm sure the consultants don't mind, because they still get the money! It's definitely worth staying now and then though.
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I only started last Tues but the consultant said that you are more likely to vere off track if you dont stay for the meetings.

I will have to kinda agree, she says the weight and go people come back week after week loosing a lb, gaining the lb, losse it again etc.

If you are paying the weekly subscription and get paid then they cant really say anything.

What is bothering you about the meeting? Time or something else?


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Not being able to make class every week and stay for image therapy after wards is one of the reasons why I'm not going to class. If I miss a week I get demotivated and I'm the same if I don't stay to class. It becomes a huge ritual and motivating factor in my weight loss so I can definatly recommend staying.

But for me, this time, I'm creating a whole new weekly (and daily) ritual which will consist of my very own image therapy right here :D


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I do the weigh in's and before I started the consultant said that my main aim was to get people to stay after their WI. I think the reason for that is so she can see if they are struggling or if they are doing well, what are they doing so that they can inspire the other members with their ideas.

I usually stay but my class is at 7.15pm and Image Therapy doesn't normally start until 7.45pm and our group has recently got MASSIVE so we dont get out until nearly 9pm. So yesterday I stayed until I had weighed everyone and left just before she started Image Therapy.


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In my class, she doesn't expect everyone to talk she normally asks new starters after their first week how they have found it.. and also slimmer of the week for their tips etc.. but she deffo doesn't go round asking everyone to comment.
I'm sure that your consultant would be more than sympathetic if you explained about your shyness...but you need Image Therapy for support..
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I am shy too and have plucked up the courage to stay to meetings this time round, I have found it encouraging.

Like this week was my first week and I only lost a lb which I was disappointed with, but because I stayed I heard about other peoples weight losses and it made me think 'yes, I can do this - it's worked for everyone else so must work for me too'. If I had gone straight home I think I would've gone off the rails.

Having said that, years ago I went to an early morning WW class that was just weigh and go and I lost weight consistantly on that because my head was in gear!
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I love staying for Image therapy, but then again i love chatting, and i dont really do alot in the evenings so its nice.. and they have now started a fitness class straight after so if i have a good day or a bad day i wanna do better so i really enjoy that to.
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Work group instead of meetings this time!

I did SW a 18mths ago but couldn't stay to end due to childcare. Now due to work / childcare I can't go at all :( but I do agree those who stayed tended to loose more.

Never mind 4 of us at work are all doing a weekly weigh in (1st weigh in tomorrow morning:scale:aargh) all doing different diets -I'm doing SW again, hopefully the fact we see each other most days at work will motivate us, the 1st question in the morning is normally were you good last night!

Hope we all stay the course till the summer - all got about the same to loose - fingers crossed for tomorrows weigh in.

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