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Extra Easy Sabotage :-(

I know I want to lose weight, I want it so bad I think about it ALL the time. So why when it gets to the weekend do I sabotage and gorge on rubbish food? I am so upset with myself.

Today is a new day and I am starting it off well - breakfast is Blackberries, Strawberries and Grapes. Lunch will be scrambled egg with Bacon medallions and tea will be something I have batch cooked which is syn free.

I am so fed of up yo-yo'ing between 12st 10lb and 13st 3lb. And its all my fault. I need to get under 12st 7lb to really give myself a boost.
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I'm sure there are many people on here who are in the same situation as you.

I save my syns for use on a Saturday with MiL, we share wine & chocs.

Could you try saving your syns for the weekend?

Plan what you will eat at the weekend & try & find something you feel will fit in with it, eg Sunday full breakfast, with mushrooms, wholemeal bread (hexb), poached eggs, tomatoes, beans, how yummy does that sound:p
To be fair, I dont really eat my syns in the week anyway so do have them at the weekend. Its just the crap I eat. Ill have a chocolate biscuit (like a breakaway or penguin) and a packet of wheat crunchies for example, but then i wont stop there - might have another 2 bags of crisps and 3 more chocolate biscuits. I think thats why I dont put on a huge amount of weight - i am super good all week (most the time!) but come the weekend I undo my hard work so on average probably lose about half a pound.

I know I can do this. I am going to try and plan my weekend - this weekend should be easier as OH is in class. Altho I do have a night out but I am thinking I might be the driver to help me not drink.

Thanks xx


Away with the fairies...
I'm quite bad for doing the same and I am still relatively new to SW.

What I used to do was deny deny deny everything bad and then I would blowout and this usually reduced a loss or maintain. I've been told to stop putting so much pressure on myself and to not let food go one up on me so firstly do not get upset at yourself and instead think 'that was bad but now I'm moving on'.

This is the second week of trying to think about me and not food so will not know till Friday the full effects but last week I used my syns all week and had a treat of homemade Chinese that was like a takeout but much less syns and that satisfied me.

Remember that if you do feel the need to eat something bad count your syns and most importantly use them!

I don't know if this will help but has certainly given me a more positive outlook.

Lauren :)
Thanks girls - I am defo going to try and count the syns. Like I said, I dont really eat syns in the week so if I fancy something at the weekend (ie chocolate!!) I am going to have it, and syn it.

Also, I havent been able to exercise for various reasons, but I have bought a exercise bike and cross trainer today. One gets delivered tomorrow and the other in about 5 days so I am hoping getting exercising again will result in me getting results! xx


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You need to use your syns, they are there for a reason! If you follow EE they tend to
provide essential fats you need for weightloss. Also make sure you eat enough...that example you gave on your first post doesnt sound substantial. Where are the healthy extras? Eat too little and your body will panic and retain fat.

Perhaps being a bit more lenient through the week, and having syns through the week, will reduce those weekend binge cravings


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I find weekends really hard but i try and have 'treat' meals, nothing off plan but maybe a big fry up and a roast dinner. It stops me being hungry, and MOST of the time stops me grabbing whatever i can get my hands on and stuffing it in my mouth! I think you should try and have 5 syns a day during the week, then maybe allow yourself the extra 10 you have saved each day on the weekend. You could then have a treat, but count the syns! 105 per week max, works for some people and may put you back in control xx
I do what Chun-ky does - I find weekends are full of temptation, so I make sure I plan some yummy, filling meals.

In my house, weekends are for SW fry-ups, lasagne, gammon with fried egg, SW chips and veggies, curry night, roast chicken with roast veggies, and so on! I also make sure I have some nice sweet treats in, like 0% Greek yoghurt, mixed berries, sugar-free jelly. It feels very indulgent, and I still lose weight - when I'm stuffed after a yummy SW meal, I just don't feel the urge to binge on chocolate.

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