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A friend came round last night, this was my 2nd day on track after holiday...so Im really struggling but getting there. 2 100% days in a row not bad :)...or so I thought.

But she knows Im on SW and she bought me an effin birthday cake. Not a slice a WHOLE cake from a very expensive patisserie :( I had a slice, and now its sitting in the fridge and I am very grateful she made the effort, but really..a cake? Would she buy an alchoholic a bottle of vodka if they were trying to give up?

On sunday my best mate is taking me out for dinner, Ive said id rather spend the money on a GREAT steak and cook at home, but no no, he wants to go for a curry. I dont want to, really I dont, ive tried to explain but it again comes under the, but its your birthday excuse.

And last night tesco didnt deliver my order AGAIN, so today I have no food, nothing prepared for lunch, Ive had no breakfast, I will have to run out grab something and be back in a hour on lunch break, not easy, what do I choose only a waitrose express which Ive never shopped in so dont know what there is :(

AND lastly, yes yes bad I know, but I hoped on scales this morning and it shows a 5lbs gain from holiday so now Im thinking I might just skip class on tuesday, but this will end up with me never going back, and all I want is a bacon sarnie which I could have had, thanks Tesco. :break_diet:

I just want to hide under a rock for the next 12 months and appear thinner and happier next year, like a little butterfly:cry::cry:
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that is definitely annoying, but at least people like you and want you to have a great birthday (in their own way!).
With waitrose express I've had a prawn noodle salad before which came to about 3-4 syns, or try sushi (I know these are fishy options so hope you like fish!). Otherwise they have these Innocent Veg Pots with 3 of your 5 a day in that you can microwave again between 3-6 syns for most.
With the curry, on EE boiled rice is free, chicken dhansak/lamb rogan josh is 6.5 syns, so have the curry! Just dont get naan bread and you'll be ok.
Finally, go back to class, it's rarely as bad as you think and holiday gains are quick to come off as long as you get back on track! Lots of luck :) ENJOY THAT BIRTHDAY!
oh, ps - can you save a couple of slices and give the rest of the cake away?
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WOW! slow down poppet!!!

Firstly, happy birthday!
Of course, i can SO get where your coming from with the whole bday cake thing- but she is trying to make you fat, she just thought she was being nice and she clearly didnt think long and hard that you proberly wouldnt appreciate an entire cake.. so its in the fridge? chop it up, and wrap in cling film, cake freezes really well, so wrap small peices individually and even if you eat a peice every now and then over the next 6months, you havnt chucked it.. but your not ruining it all for yourself either.

Okay, your other friend wants to take you out- and although a curry is nice (yum) its certainly not the most sw friendly, even if you picked the lowest syned thing on the menu- its very easy to fall off track with poppadoms and dips etc, esp with a friend who says things like 'oo its your birthday, just eat it!' nag nag nag..
Tell your friend, that your REALLY appreciate that he wants to take you out, but your REALLY dont want a curry, you dont fancy it and it'd be a waste of money on somthing you wont enjoy, and jokingly say 'its my birthday, i pick where we go!' and work it for yourself- if he insists.. you say, fine, but youl have to wait untill iv lost my holiday weight so we can go out and really enjoy it. He'l give in. I soon learnt i'd rather be a pain in the ass, than gain weight because i was too soft!

theres nothing i can say about tescos, thats just really unfortunate and a little bit **** tbh. Id phone, really give them a peice of mind, and try very hard not to let the mood your in today convince you to get somthing in waitrose you really dont want. Get a bag of salad, some fresh ham and a diet coke and a box of mikados to make yourself feel better. (not the big pack lol)

5lbs, whilst its a reasonable gain- is exactly what i gain in a week when im off plan, let alone on hols. Iv gained 8.5lbs on a long weekend away, and im working to get that off now. I(was lol) at target, and have been for over a year now- and if you can work through this now, youl look back on it when you go on holiday again and have a gain, and know you got through it!

5lb isnt enough to make you give up and have a weight problem forever is it!? this is a journey, not a race.

You HAVE to go to class. You know that, and youv admitted it could easily turn into a never-returning problem. If you dont go tuesday, your giving up.. and you KNOW you dont want to do that, not really.. no matter how **** your feeling today, you will regret it. You CAN do this.

Now, listen to me, and if i can do it, so can you. Thats a promise. Its not all rosey all the time, and it can be damn hard somtimes- but nothing in life is easy.. be strong. xxxxxxxxx
S: 20st10lb C: 20st6lb G: 16st10lb BMI: 43.5 Loss: 0st4lb(1.38%)
Thanks Moo, just needed to vent :)

Didnt know that about curry, so maybe all is not lost!

As for the cake, Im giving the whole thing away on Sunday...just got to not eat it by then ;) I think even looking at it is 15 syns!!

Huge thanks Fern, youre so right a small gain and im ready to give up? Ive got tears in my eyes now, I will keep going, I must, I can and i shall.

thanks so so much xxx
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Definitely go back to class, you'll feel better in the long run. I can sympathise about the cake - my dad is like when I go home for the weekend - it's all 'it won't hurt', 'it's a special occassion' etc! Very annoying but probably well meant!
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I agree with everyone else, do go to class and face those scales. They might not be as bad as you think they are gonna be. Everyone else is giving good advice about the curry, I won't, cos I don't eat them and wouldn't know what to suggest, but all is not lost, you can still have one and syn it.

As for the cake, give it away NOW! :D


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i agree with what everyone else has said, but did you know that you can have a bacon sandwick. Cut the fat off and have whole meal bread from your healthy extra B and bob's your uncle. yummy bacon sandwich xx
S: 20st10lb C: 20st6lb G: 16st10lb BMI: 43.5 Loss: 0st4lb(1.38%)
Hi tara, yes I know that! Tthats why I was bummed as thats what I planned for :)

Tesco's have offered me £20 in vouchers as way of apology. Seeing as they said that last time and I never got them Im not hopeful!


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Hiya Chicaloca

Firstly Happy Birthday hun!!

Secondly definitely DONT skip class -you're totally right it'll be the beginning of the end!

Thirdly friends like that think they know what you really want - they think they're being 'nice' to you but you need to be more assertive. You need to say no. Don't offer explanations you don't need to. You don't need to justify yourself to them. Stop saying SW to them. Stop saying '...but I cant, I'm on a diet' the minute you say things like that its like an invitation to sabotage you plans! Just tell them you don't fancy going out or whatever... tell them you've been fancying a juicy steak for a while and that your birthday is the perfect excuse. Let them think YOUR NOT ALLOWED then they'll let you have it.

Fourthly give the b'day cake to your neighbour or take it in to work and share it out in the office or if none of that is possible squirt it with fairy liquid and put it in the bin or if your cant do that pretend its gone off and that flies have been sitting on it! (Works for me!)

Fifthly don't be to hard on yourself... your human and you cant be on a permanent diet and you are allowed to live... after all it is you b'day!

Sixthly I have to go pick up my children and my laptop battery is about to die! good luck xx
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
squirty liquid is a good idea^ i put LOADS on a cheesecake last year cos i couldnt trust myself- my eating habits are VERY bad, but im yet to eat food with washing up liquid on it hahaha x

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