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sabotaging myself


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S: 16st6lb
please help i feel like im sabotaging myself i totaly stick to the plan all week then mess up every weekend it all goes downhill from fri night , and i dont go out that much so its not even that i just eat stupid things like choc ect and i dont even realy want it it just jumps in my mouth and then i think why did i just do that im still loosing but could have done twice as much if i could keep it under control, last week i put 2lb on i feel this is the begining of a downward slope any advice xxx
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Ah hun no worries ive been the same this weekend, im off to bed now but i will give a more lengthy reply tomorrow

Chin up sweety

Ruthy xxx


Says it as it is!!!
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Only thing i can say for previous experince is Don't buy the buggers have a chocolate and seet free house!!


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If your problem time is weekends have you considered swapping to a group later in the week? It would give you more time to recover from your bad days
Ok I'm sorry if this sounds harsh..... chocolate doesn't just jump into your mouth of it's own free will, it needs a hand to guide it there!

I think this could be a boredom issue. I found the first few weekends very difficult as indeed were the nights. I needed to realise that just because I had nothing to do but watch tv etc that I shouldn't be filling that time drinking tea and eating buscuits/chocolate! Once I realised that I went on to realise that in pre diet days I wouldn't have been eating at that time anyway!

Psychologically we all want what we cannot have, try to keep yourself busy and when you feel the craving start distract yourself, go for a walk, read a book whatever it takes. If you can stick to it during the week then there is no reason for not sticking to it at the weekends. Sure the week is much longer.

Come on girl, you can do it.
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Taz's suggestion is a really good one, for those with a specific problem at the weekends, having a Monday WI is fab, because then you are less tempted to cheat. Another good idea is to get all the cr*p food out of the house. I did that this weekend so that I am not tempted. have plenty of snacks in the house that you can eat so you aren't tempted.

I have the same problem with the weekends and also the evenings and for me its just down to bordom a habit thats bloody hard to get out of! Automatically I associate CSI with chocolate, crisps .........lol
I have been successful on SW, lost 2 stone in 6 weeks, but when my dad got sick I put everything on hold, and now im back were I started at 18 stone.
For me, I need a subsitute so I have celery and carrots with laughing cow, chickpea nut things which I like, ryvita and salad.

If you slip for a day and have a total blow out just get up the next morning and start healthy eatting again.
Good luck
Hiya Hun

Well i think you should plan your weekend food menu....have chocolate by all means but just save it for the evening as YOUR treat for being good.
Have a 2fingered kitkat or curly wurly with a cuppa at nite, maybe at lunch time have some syn free chips with egg and beans....something thats quite filling.
I love the syn free crisps(green day) thery are sooooo nice esp if you flavour them. Just pick at them.

I put on 2lb last week and thought to myself 'here we go' the start of the never ending blip....but ive drawn a line under last week and been good this week.

You can do it hun
You know you can and you will be fine!

Give the weekend food planner a go.

Ruthy xxx


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S: 16st6lb
thanks for advice all , the funny thing is i dont realy like sweet things im much more likeley to crave steak than choc thats why i cant understand why i eat it lol cant not get bad stuff coz the rest of the family eat it, i think it might be coz its quicker to grab things than to make them maybe im just lazy lol ,must try harder got weigh in tonight so hopefully loose and get some motivation .


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Let us know how you get on at WI Jezebel xxx


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Well done Jez fab weight loss. I hope i can say the same this week I been off color and glugging Lucozade all week so i know i will have gained. Just noticed you live in Manchester too where abouts do you live? I live in Stretford.


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S: 16st6lb
i live

hi sonban yes i live in collyhurst not too far from city centre. lucazade i love it bad though i think cant you get a diet one lol not sure .


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S: 20st4.5lb C: 17st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 2st5.5lb(11.78%)
I used to live in manchester when I was at Uni, I lived in Fallowfield and Withington - went to the Didsbury Campus (irrelevant info for you all there) loved Manchester and do miss it, but Im a Yorkshire gal at heart! xxx

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