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  1. sabs84uk

    sabs84uk Full Member

    Hey everyone I'm a newbie and I really want to lose the baby weight that just Wont shift. I've only managed to shift a stone since Zak was born jan 2010 and have over a stone to lose! Please feel free to help me cos I need it and comment on what I am doing as I am doing it from home.. I have ordered stuff off eBay to help me calculate my propoints. I'm a first time weight watcher too so pls point out any tips or ideas too!
    Xxxx :)
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  3. sabs84uk

    sabs84uk Full Member

    Thanks but not a great start have spent last three hours throwing up so no point in pointing today :( I did Zumba tho this morning.... X
  4. starkissedx

    starkissedx Gold Member

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    Welcome to ww :) I hope you feel better soon! This is my first time on we too and so far have lost 1stone 6lbs! Another 1 stone 3lbs to go! X
  5. sabs84uk

    sabs84uk Full Member

    Wow that weight loss is amazing!! Thanks I'm off to bed tomorrow is a new day! X
  6. sabs84uk

    sabs84uk Full Member

    Day so far.....

    2 toast 4pp
    Butter. 1pp

    2 finger kitkat 2pp

    2 wholemeal pitta asda 6pp
    Homemade spinach curry. 1pp for oil

    2 fish fingers 3pp

    Dinner tbc!!

    Sabs :)
  7. sabs84uk

    sabs84uk Full Member

    1/4 stone baked veg pizza 5 pp
    Garlic bread 1/4 tesco light choice 2pp
    Broccoli cauliflower carrot 0pp
    Grapes 0pp
    Muller corner 5pp

    29/29 daily used
    0/49 weeklies used
  8. sabs84uk

    sabs84uk Full Member

    Today was Ok

    Bel vita 5pp


    Chickpea curry 1/4 tin plus oil 3pp
    1 toast BOB 2pp

    2 parathas 11pp
    Chicken curry homemade 6pp ?..

    Kitkat 2pp
    Starbucks skinny gingerbread latte 5pp
    Pancakes Starbucks 5pp

    10/49 weeklies
  9. sabs84uk

    sabs84uk Full Member

    Gosh when u account for everything it's amazing how quickly those points add up!!
  10. BoS83

    BoS83 Gold Member

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    hey, welcome.
    your diary looks fab. some nice ideas.
    ya ita amazing when u check it and write it down how easily it adds up!
    dont be afraid to use your weeklies tho!
    good luck. :)
  11. sabs84uk

    sabs84uk Full Member

    Been really busy but will put up my diary soon ! Have tracked everything! X
  12. sabs84uk

    sabs84uk Full Member

    Thanks ! I haven't been afraid to use my weeklies ESP as its my totm.. Lol xx
  13. sabs84uk

    sabs84uk Full Member

    Anyone who is doing ww online quidco are doing a cashback offer of £30 when u join online for £33 so it's working out nearly free lol
  14. sabs84uk

    sabs84uk Full Member

    When I get some time today will put up my diary... Feel like I've been going over every day but it's within my weeklies. Weigh in yday was a sts but it's my totm too so hopefully will lose a lot next week?! Hopefully! X
  15. sabs84uk

    sabs84uk Full Member

    Weds 16 nov
    My sisters birthday !

    2 slices of bob 5
    Crunchy peanut butter 1

    Warburtons wrap 4
    Chicken breast (half) 2
    Salad 0
    Light mayo 1
    Cheese sprinkle! 1

    Basmati rice 4
    Lentils 2
    Tiny piece of chicken curry 1
    Saag paneer homemade tiny bit 2
    Apple raspberry juice 2

    Birthday cake 1 slice 7
    Pakoras small 3
    Costa skinny small mocha 2

    Daily used 31/31 yes I found out when I joined online that my allowance is 31!!

    Weekly used 7/49
  16. sabs84uk

    sabs84uk Full Member

    Why am I not losing anything? So frustrating I'm eating within my points and weeklies plus have got activity points but I'm not losing!they have me on 31 points shall I knock that down back to 29?? I am so annoyed with my stupid body!
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