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Sad and need support


I am new to the forum and i really need some help, i am desparate to lose weight, it's really getting me down, everywhere i turn there are things on tv about how whatever you eat is bad for you. saying that if you measure yourself and are over a certain measurement you are "fat", i'm trying to control what i eat and it's not working, trying to add in more exercise into my day and each day is a losing battle.

i just need someone to help me through this, my partner says there is nothing wrong with the way i look, but i know there is.

he's not helping me as he eats whatever he wants and doesn't feel guilty about it, i worry about his health as well as my own.

in the past i have lost a little weight and felt a whole lot better, but since xmas i've put it back on and can't get it off again. i want to make this year the year that i change my habits, but since the start of the year i've just gone from being really optomistic, to being so depressed.

can any one help me?

please x
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Are you overweight or just think you are? Does your husband need to lose weight too?

Do you think you could do a healthy diet together with a bit of exercise walking, swimming etc. Or would you prefer to go to a slimming club like weight watchers or slimming world. There are also many of us on this site who are following a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) such as Cambridge Diet, Lighter Life or Lipotrim.

Perhaps you could make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of losing weight too.

Let us know what you decide



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Hello Mindykins and welcome to mini's.

Have you given any thought to how your want to lose the weight?

Do you need a meal replacement plan or perhaps SW or WW?

How much weight do you feel you need to lose?

Have a think and maybe look through all the forums on here and look at the inspirational slideshow too.

Where about in Suffolk ae you?

Good luck in whatever you choose and keep us posted.


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I think first it would be helpful to know your height and weight - it sounds like it is possible you arent over weight at all.

I might be reading your post wrong but it sounds like you dont need to be on a diet but want to be healthier.

Eating healthy stuff is good though, and getting a good balance. Nothimg wrong with wanting to improve your health. I wouldnt take what is said on tv too litereally though - if we believed that everything they say is bad for us then we may as well give up now.


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Talk to us Mindy - tell us what type of diet you'd like to use, any you've tried before, how much you want to lose etc. There are lots of us on this site doing all kinds of weight loss programmes and someone will be able to talk you through and help you with yours.


Losing the baby fat
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Also dont go by the BMi scale, it doesnt mean youre fat if youre over what they class as fat.
my ideal weight is 12 stone and thats in the overweight section, but does wearing size 12 jeans at 12 stone and 5ft 7 mean you are fat? well according to the BMi it must do, weight watchers think so - my doctor, myself and my mum dont think it does.

maybe youre suffering from a bit of the hyped up images on tv - its easy to start comparing yourself to others, and it's tough not to, but who's to say you arent near youre right weight now?


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Hi Mindy and welcome to our community :)

That's what we are as well.....a community of people who face similar issues and truly understand the power, pain and pleasure of food, weight and how you see yourself.

I would echo everything everyone has already said and just say, enjoy looking around on all the different threads, familiarise yourself with all the different weight loss programmes and approaches and then decide what would best suit you as an individual:D

We are all here ready and very willing to hold your hand and walk with you..:)

Lacey..xx :D
Hi there

thanks for all the replies, its so nice to hear people who will support me.

i am overweight, i need to loose about a stone i reckon, the thing is i'm built the same as my mum, and she is also overweight, we're both short and have a medium / large body type. i know i'm never going to be a size 8 or anything, but i want to get down to 10 stone ish.

i'm trying a calorie controlled diet at the mo, down to 1500 calories a day, then down to like 1200 once i plateau, does this sound right to people?

my boyfriend wont diet, he says there is no point, he's 16 stone and not that tall so i worry, his mum died of a stroke, she was a smoker and quite overweight, he says he will worry about it if it happens, but that might be too late wont it.

well, for breakfast i'm having bran flakes, muller vitality and some fruit juice. i got my calories worked out until tea time.

got to get to work



Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
yes 1500 to start sounds right. You might want to cycle those calories though at some point, like have 1400 one day, 1300 another, then go for a 1700 day - equal it out over a week to 1500 a day.

You'll have to just let your boyfriend sort his own weight out - perhaps when he sees you improving he'll take a leaf out of your own book and want to do something for himself.

Don't get too depressed about your weight, a stone is roughly a dress size, and it's very achieveable to lose.
Go slow and steady, aim for 1-2lb a week and you'll have a good chance of keeping it off.
If you think one dres size isnt going to get you to a size 10, then concentrate on your toning as you go, you can look smaller for your weight with exercise.
good luck, and dont be disheartened!


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try to just have a weekly weigh in at present as weights can flucuate depending on the time, what you are wearing, what you have eaten, what you have drunk

Irene xx


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Hello Mindy and welcome aboard. Here's wishing you a successful journey, you can do it girl!
not too good, really trying hard, i lost 1lb over all, so hard to move anything, i seem to do so well in the week, and then at the weekend as i am so tired i don't have the energy to do laods of exercise n at the start of the week i'm back to where i started.

i'm eating as sensibly as i can, trying to accept my body for what it is, but i hate some of it so much!! :(

i feel like i'm going to be this weight forever.