sad ... sad.... sad...


methenie from london.
:wave_cry: hi everyone..

Now 2 weeks and i did lost only 2 pounds...what happen..:(

i drink 6L water each day..
i do my diet normaly .

and now my scale doesnt move ..

im sad because lot of effort and money for no resault no more at all..:break_diet: .....

now i dont know .. since now 1 month my weight lost is not good.


im now sad

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Hey Methenie - I'm the same - I only lost 0.5lbs at the last weigh in two weeks ago and only a couple of pounds the previous weeks - 4.5lbs in a month I think it was (rather than at least 3lbs a week before). I think it's just because, like you, I've already lost quite a bit and my body it naturally slowing down and hanging on to the last bits. BUT - what more can we do? Nothing!! We just have to carry on and eventually it will come off - sometimes slowly, but sometimes I think there will be larger losses... it's just a plateau that we have to wait to turn into a downhill slalom!!

Last week I didn't look at my losses and I might not do this week either. It has helped me to stop focusing on the numbers on the scale - I know I'm sticking to it, I know I will be losing weight one way or another!

The only other alternative is to stop and not get to where I'm going and, most likely, put weight on.

You're doing brilliantly - don't let a month's slow losses get you down! :)


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Hi Methenie, it is tough when those scales slow down, but as already said, if you're sticking to the diet, you will lose weight, you have to and it will come off. What about your measurements or your clothes, can you see a difference? Sometimes our bodies retain water for about a hundred different reasons and so our weight loss doesn't show on the scales, but stick with it and it will happen.


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Agree, the weight doesn't come off in the ideal 3.5 pounds a week. There can be a low loss one week and a good one the next. It will iron out. Don't be despondent or you might end up eating and it isn't worth it. Know that doing a VLCD is the fastest way of losing weight so you can't be doing anything better !


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Hi Methenie, im sorry you feel so sad i cant really offer any more than what's already been said but please do stick with it i promise you it will be worth it in the end.

take care


methenie from london.
thanks everyone ..for your support.

i keep doing and i will see... yes you are right this diet keep me to not put in weight and week i hope ..